Week 14 (April 5th – 9th)

Hello everyone. Here are the progress notes of week 14 of 2021!

Please note that the “Progress Notes” are different from the Starbase Alpha “Patch Notes”. Progress Notes are snippets from the development team and what has been worked on during the previous week, and many of the features might not be present in the current or upcoming builds of the Closed Alpha. Some features, especially in the design portion, can be subject to change as the development continues.



  • Mining Backpack changes have been tested (two dedicated ore slots added and ability to store ore in normal slots)

User Interface

  • Company stations access control design has been worked on
  • Ship controls, mining in space and building tutorials have been worked on
  • Work on Auction House design for crafting continues
  • Station Manager can now be used to control who is able to see your station transponder
  • Station Manager can now be used to resign your station
  • Player station and lot transponder Settings have been moved from Station Manager to Settings menu

Stations and cities

  • Moon City should no longer float above the planet surface


  • Solid version of pipes and cables that can transfer resources and data has been worked on



  • Tripod weapon rotations have been worked on
  • Work on Easy Build Mode continues
  • The implementation of Spaceship tutorial has started
  • Station building multiplayer has been worked on; work on permissions continues

User Interface

  • Crafting UI has been worked on
  • Fixes have been made to the mail system; the issue with loading the inbox, when it contained mail with a lot of attachments, has been fixed
  • Interface for sharing spaceship access rights to others has been implemented, backend support still needed
  • The Station Manager has been worked on

In-game Designers

  • Cargo Beams & Cargo Frames are no longer erroneously active in Spaceship Designer
  • Automatic thruster naming no longer groups connected triangle thrusters
  • Decal painting has been worked on


Animations and Emotes

  • New unarmed and rifle prone transitions finished, animations for others weapons to come

Stations and Cities

  • Skyscraper entrance module 3 (light and dark) has been updated to Moon city
  • Additional art has been added to Work Hub’s job hall modules


  • Work on polishing Viper armor set textures has continued
  • Cliff materials for Moon type 2 and 4 have been worked on
  • Large thruster connector has been updated to fit the station grid
  • VFX updates for Antigel Rifle and Whiplash weapons have been worked on
  • VFX work on Autocannon Tripod has started


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See you next week! 🚀