We’re happy to announce a new feature on its way to the game – heat mechanics. In short, this includes changes to how devices like generators, radiators, ship weapons and coolant work, as well as the addition of heat sinks. These changes will allow new possibilities in gameplay and more depth in ship designs.

For more details on what exactly changes and what is new, you can check out the feature video linked below as well as the the wiki page: https://wiki.starbasegame.com/index.php?title=Heat_mechanics.

Heat mechanics will make their way to the PTU first and to the live server later.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the implementation of these changes, most ships will need some amount of rework. This means it’s good to start preparing for these upcoming changes now. The ships that will be affected the most are small fighter ships: after this update they will start needing a heat sink for the weapons to work properly, and the heat sinks are quite large and heavy. See the Heat Mechanics wiki page for details that will help you best prepare for the changes.

In addition, the tutorial’s Laborer will have its cooling board removed and replaced with a cube-shaped heat sink. Any existing Laborers will need a bit of rework too, but just bolting a heat sink to it is enough for it to work properly again. You can see how to fix the Laborer yourself from the gif below, but if you need any help you can always reach out to us as well.

We’re very sorry about the inconvenience these changes may cause for all the ship designers in the short-term, but our hope is that in the end the new possibilities in gameplay will make up for it. Happy overheating!