Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power just received update #8! Mainly bug fixes, optimizations and added effects. Click here to see details of Update #7, which added some major new content, including playable levels.


Added spirit effects will make it easier to find and revive your fallen companions.

Here’s the full changelog:

v0.08 (build 2942) – June 17th, 2015

Early Access update #8 (Bug fixes + Optimizations)


  • Added more optimizations (GPU occlusion culling changed to CPU occlusion culling)
  • Fixed various crashes during single player game and online multiplayer game

Online multiplayer

  • Fixed black screen caused by invites


  • Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “The Three Heroes” level
  • Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “Academy Outskirts” level
  • Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in “The Astral Academy” level


  • Fixed Zoya (Thief) rope attaching to same object
  • Tweaked the new player re-spawn system and spirits (model, effects etc.)

Local co-op

  • Fixed local co-op hotjoin during “The Three Heroes” level (wrong characters)


  • Added new effects to various gameplay elements and cinematics


  • Added new audio effects to various levels, gameplay elements and cinematics


  • When reporting bugs, please always state game’s version number and build number. Check the version number from game’s main menu.

List of Known Issues

  • Online Multiplayer doesn’t have sound if Voice Chat is enabled. You can disable it from %appdata%/Trine3/options.txt (more info on Steam community forums)
  • Public Editor might have issues if you try to install new version into old versions install folder (also hundreds of pop ups might appear).


  • Patch size is about 188 MB