Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power has been available on Steam as an Early Access game since April 2015. Now we’re excited to announce the game is also available for pre-order & play on GOG.comDRM free, of course!

Check the leaked footage from the Frozenbyte office:

During the pre-orders, players will get the game for 15% cheaper than the official launch price. An additional 10% loyalty discount will be added if you own both previous Trine games on Also note that both of those games are currently on 75% discount on until July 1st – so if you don’t already own them, now is a great chance to fix that!

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power comes bundled with GOG Galaxy support, including achievements. The game supports both online and local co-op for up to three players. Naturally online co-op between the Steam and DRM free version is supported as well. Please keep in mind though that until the official release, the game is still a work in progress and may contain some bugs and issues that we aim to fix for the final release.

During the pre-order, players will be able to play around half of the full game, including three Chapters and three Lost Pages, previously known as challenge levels. The rest of the content will be added later upon the official release, which is set during/after summer 2015.

Check for more details.

Any thoughts on the news or the video? 🙂