We’re on Snapchat! Now is a great time to follow us if you haven’t already, because by doing that and sending us a snap, you can win yourself Steam keys for Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power. We’ll snap codes for the game every day for a week, to random people who’ve both followed us and sent us a Trine related snap.

You can participate even if you have the game already – if you get a key, you can always gift it to a friend and play together. 🙂

So go ahead and add frozenbytegames on Snapchat. You can also just use the Snapcode below:


How to Participate:

  1. Follow us on Snapchat!
  2. Snap us ANYTHING Trine related – use your imagination! It can be anything from a funny doodle to a snap of you or your friends playing Trine, your favourite quote from any of the Trine games or perhaps a selfie with Amadeus’ clothes doodled on top.
  3. Extremely cool snaps may award you with more than one key!
  4. We’ll snap codes to random people who’ve participated every day for a week, so act before September 24th.

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