Frozenbyte Christmas Calendar, Day 20!

We are in the Christmas mood here at the office, this is why today’s game is actually three games. Today you have a chance to win Trinelogy for Steam. This bundle includes: Trine Enchanted Edition, Trine 2: Complete Story and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power. So leave a comment below and you have a chance to win yourself this awesome pack!

Here are our heroes doing what they do best. Pontius is fighting a fierce beast, Zoya is planning a sneak attack and Amadeus… Well he is conjuring some boxes. That can also be effective in a fight if used right! I bet our heroes are going to need these skills in the Christmas Calendar tomorrow.


Okay, I really need to apologize to Amadeus, it’s not once or twice that I have underestimated him in the Christmas Calendar. He really is a skilled fighter and a valuable asset what it comes to solving puzzles. Amadeus, we adore you, just as much as we adore Zoya and Pontius. I bet our readers adore you as well, am I right readers?

Remember that you can also participate on other social media channels for a greater chance to win, check out the instructions.