With Has-Been Heroes, we set out to make a challenging game, and it looks like we succeeded!

We’ve seen some great videos, guides, wiki entries and all kinds of amazing content from our Has-Been Heroes players and a select few have already unlocked all the heroes.

As a tribute to the best of the best, we’ve opened up a site called the
Hall of Heroes at www.has-beenheroes.com

It’s a hall of fame of sorts, where we’re going to list the players with full, 100% completion of the game. As far as we know, nobody has 100% yet! Are you up for the challenge?

We also had a bit of fun reading some of the reviews and comments we got early on after the launch, so we made a little video:

Overall we’ve had a great reception to the game from players, so thank you all for your support! Stay tuned for more cool news and updates 🙂