Holidays 2017 are almost behind the corner, and so is the release date for Nine Parchments. This means that now is last chance to playtest Nine Parchments here at our office in Finland. You can fill out the application form from here, but I recommend reading through this post first. 🙂

      What is playtesting?
      We are interested to hear what individuals from outside the company think about our games. This is why we invite players to our office to play our games and give us feedback and fresh perspective to them. Right now we are testing Nine Parchments, but next year we have something entirely different coming up! Please note that you also need to be fluent in either Finnish or English to participate in our playtests.

        Is this a job? Will I get paid?
        No. If you’re looking for work, please see our Jobs page.

          Where are the tests held?
          The test are held at our office in Helsinki. You need to arrange transport to our office by yourself.

            When? For how long?
            As soon as possible, there isn’t much time left. 😉 Test are held between 9-21 during weekdays and one sessions lasts usually from two to three hours, but at the moment we give the players a chance to play as long as they want to. Let us know your preferred time in the application form.

              I filled the application, is there a chance you’ll invite me?
              I’d say that at the moment there is a great chance that we will invite you. There is sometimes a lot of applications, so unfortunately if this happens we might not be able to invite everyone.

                If I’m invited, could I bring a friend?
                Yes. At the moment both singleplayer and multiplayer sessions take place. Remember to mention if you’d like to come with someone in the form’s Comments section.

                  Can I still apply after Nine Parchments is released?
                  Yes. This notice doesn’t get old, we always invite testers to our office through the whole year. After Nine Parchments testing ends it’s going to be a slower test season as there is these small things called the launch and Christmas, but next year we start testing other games. If your application is over four months old, we recommend you to fill out a new one.


                  Still interested? Here is another link to the form! Note that it’s also available in Finnish.

                  Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we are always happy to answer. 🙂