It is here, the day you have all been waiting for… Finally you have a chance to win Nine Parchments game key for Steam! Instructions in the end of this post, which is also this year’s last Yuletide entry.

So, how was Christmas, hopefully super relaxing? As you might have noticed we had a digital Christmas card on our social media. I hope that it is still okay to post this as Christmas already passed, but new year is just around the corner and as Xmas trees are up I think it’s still rather relevant. 😊


I hope that many of you are still enjoying your Christmas holidays. What better way to spend it than to play a lot of videogames and eat a lot of chocolate or other Christmas candy? 🍭

Treats are fun, but remember that once in a while it is of course a good idea to do something else than stare at a screen. For those moments Nine Parchments soundtrack is great light entertainment you can enjoy in the background when doing the dishes! YouTube link to the songs below. If not dishes, you can listen while staring at the following environmental art pieces from Nine Parchments, but remember to also keep that break!

Do you like the music? Note that the video has some concept art as well and below are some more!

Spring Valley art. And a nice change to cold winter days?

This one is from Misty Mountains and the mines

We are going to keep this last entry short as we wan’t to focus on clearing your support messages before the weekend. We just want to remind you that hogriding is not permitted, please remember this while playing Nine Parchments!

Also remember to leave a comment for a chance to win a Steam code for a game of your choice. You can choose one Steam code from the following: Shadowgrounds pack, Trine Enchanted Edition, Trine 2: Complete Edition, Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, Shadwen, Has-Been Heroes, or Nine Parchments. Instructions also here. For a higher chance to win, participate in all our social media channels. We’ll contact all winners personally.

And finally, feel free to tell what you thought about this year’s calendar and have a happy new year! 😊