Winter is ‘nearly’ here and the leaves are getting more colorful by the day. Regardless the cold breezes and the imminent snow fall, it truly is a very colorful season. So, be ready for winter and snow, and get ready for Halloween (which is actually in two weeks).😊

It’s time to move on with our Instagram takeover and to our next Frozenbytee and her @Frozenbyte experience. This time we had the pleasure to follow one of our level artist’s week and her ‘notorious’ lifestyle. She also mentioned, it is not always fun and games here, you have to constantly be honing your skills and practicing your talent. The only thing is that, you can choose do this in a funny and enjoyable ways as well, filled with muffins, cake and friends. 🎂

You’ll find all the pictures below, and remember to click on the images, you’ll find a lot more info about Ella’s work in the descriptions. Also, if you have any questions about her work, leave a comment here or on any of our social media channels and we will forward them. Please remember to check our Jobs page for openings as well, we are currently looking for new Level and Visual Effect Artists to join our ranks.

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“This takeover was a really interesting project! While I cannot talk
much about what I currently do, it was a nice way to show my
version of the ‘notorious’ indiedev lifestyle.”

Thanks for reading! 🙂