It is time for our second @Frozenbyte Instagram takeover, and it’s a doozy. One of our Frozenbytees visited the Game UX Summit in Vancouver last week, and shared us some great pictures and stories from there. She also gave us a small inside look on what she does and what goes on designing a working UX.

According to her, User Experience (UX) design is not an easy field to explain, and many people still assume that it only includes game menus. However, the subject is much vaster and more complex, since it encompasses the ‘entire’ user journey, and the field just keeps growing.

You can find all the takeover pictures below, and please note that there’s are a lot of additional information about Emma’s work in the descriptions. So, click on the images to find out more. Also, if you have any questions or inquiries about her work, or anything, leave a comment or a story on any of our social media channels or on our blog and Emma will happily answer. 😊

But without further ado, let us introduce Emma, our UX Lead and her week.

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“The week was very exciting! I got to meet old friends and make new ones
as well as learn tons of interesting things I can use in my work.”


Thanks for reading! 🙂