Hello everybody! From now on we’ll be uploading our progress notes both on our official Starbase Forums and here.

We have already published some of our earlier weeks’ progress notes starting from week 36, so if you’re interested in reading them first, do check out the thread here. 

Week 41 (7.10. – 11.10.2019)

Here we have the weekly progress notes for week 41.


  • New design and UI for the mining backpack
  • Asteroid Mining Job tested in the editor and in DTU
  • Cargo Crate durability issues tested, bolt connections need tweaking
  • Assembly Job testing with different objects
  • Economy configurations updated in all stations
  • Math configurations for the insurance system
  • Storage terminal UI and interactions tweaked
  • Potential issues and solutions identified for station inventories
  • New generator control table module sketched out
  • Company UI design tweaked, settings reworked and new layout designs
  • New UI designs for Blueprint saving and Spaceship Creator
  • VIS rebuild, module scene fixes and generator deck build
  • Faction showrooms decal colors and orders fixed
  • VIS rebuild: bottom level nearly finished, all office floors done, generator floor done, sky deck done and main hall almost done
  • Extra ships removed from spaceship shops
  • Devices tested in Ship Creator
  • Editor guide for Ship Creator modified
  • Mega Station Creator, issues regarding overlapping investigated, minor parenting problem solved
  • Slot connector module tweaked, new height set to 147.96 m
  • Kingdom and Empire outpost station layouts tweaked, take-off docks now face the capital station
  • Issue with exiting chairs regarding some ships fixed
  • Maps resaved for Nautilus Cargo and Kodiak, to fix a respawn issue
  • Decal misplaced in the map fixed in Hedron
  • Durability issues fixed in Zilant and Ithaca


  • Relatively synced objects now extrapolate a lot better than previously with little apparent floatiness
  • Some minor flipping fixed with relatively synced objects, most notably turrets
  • Mining laser spamming its hit effect every frame fixed
  • Audio-event support added for utility collection device and different damage vs. material events
  • Missile fuel consumption system under way
  • Lot inventory: storage terminal updates and despawning function to storage base added
  • Projectiles: Refactored parts of projectile damage kinetic energy calculation and fixed 0 impact damage ammunition to work properly
  • Explosions: Fixed explosion entity postponed damages (includes environmental damages and shock waves) deletion
  • Tractor beam fixes and updates
  • The obstruction bounds checking fixes for frames
  • Grabbing animation fixed: lowers the tool rather than hides it
  • Rotation support added to get more accurate object placement collisions
  • Economy core tech plans in the making: SellAll terminals and buying/selling subitems, price change handling
User interface
  • Mining backpack updates: Added large slots for materials and smaller slots for ingots in backpack UI
  • Changed processing materials to require eight time the raw materials for one ingot
  • Picking up objects with ‘F’ is not possible anymore when inventory is full and item is no longer swapped with item on world
  • Weapons not using icon without magazine inside them fixed when there was a weapon without magazine on hands
  • Chat: When one receives a private message and presses ‘M’, chat switches to that conversation and activates focus
  • Audio support implemented for feedback items
Starbase Spaceship Creator
  • Station server and client server refactoring and sync issues fixed
  • Shadow casting implemented by the asteroid belt
  • Triplanar texture mapping for objects under way
  • Noise reduced with mip biasing


  • Additional lights added near ships inside a showroom hall
  • Showroom level art updates: decorative pillars lights and other decorative structures
  • Mega station level art tweaks and asteroid hall lod updates
  • Pilot Chair Gimbal: pivots, snap points and voxel fixed
  • Weapon fixed mounts in ships updated
  • Weapon reload (3rd person) animations updated
  • Different kinds of rock and asteroid placements tests in the making
  • Cargo crate changes: new bolt spots added, textures and tintmasks updated
  • FPS Weapons: designs finished for the Arclighter loader and Reaper Cannon magazine. Finished high poly, low poly UV’s and baking
  • UI icons finished for Arclighter loader and Reaper Cannon magazine
  • Reaper textures updated: some adjustments to the meter on the weapon
  • Paintjobs added for the Reaper tintmask texture

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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