Week 42 (14.10. – 18.10.2019)

Here are the progress notes of week 42.


  • New mining backpack design improved, UI tweaked to match the new design
  • New economy settings configured for a new trading station
  • Resource economy and insurance math tweaked
  • Storage systems UI and interaction design worked on
  • Station inventories UI worked on, new possible solution for some interactions
  • Spaceship Creator multiplayer tested


  • Center pillars in main hall and storage floor updated in VIS rebuild
  • Stacked lots worked on, higher grid slots tested
  • Slot connector module worked on, taller connectors tested, test-build in Mega Station Creator
  • Ship Trading Station A built and added to the game universe

Ship Creator

  • Multiplayer testing session, interactions between client and the host tested
  • Auto-bolting tested, currently works when bolted in multiple steps instead of all at once
  • FPS improvements when working on bigger ships, after some issues were found
  • Tested building using large modules
  • Socket creator added to the Ship Creator, basic mode and secondary placement mode currently working
  • YOLOL script editor updated, some possible issues tested



  • Support added for replacing objects in Scene Fixer (editor tool)
  • Exact name matches now available instead of just contains-substring matches in Scene Fixer
  • Support added for a looping hit effect for the mining laser (previously spawned in intervals)
  • Lots are now taking less time loading
  • Ship Creator assert regarding YOLOL chips fixed
  • UI support for lot/station inventories underway
  • Generic audio support added for objects
  • Chair exit positions adjusted
  • Cargo collisions implemented
  • Object placement and collision issues fixed

User interface

  • Visual rework on the Social tab in the making
  • Chat screen boundaries are no longer affected by resolution
  • Grouping option works now and can be applied to any feature requiring social activities in Starbase
  • Korean language support added

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Socket tool for the ship creator added
  • Error messaging when loading/saving blueprints improved
  • Issues in the blueprint spawn terminals fixed
  • UI performance optimizations with very large ships
  • Economy core tech and the shop server refactoring
  • Estimates done on theoretical memory requirements/scaling of shop and price servers


  • Volymetric fog improvements
  • Applying texture range/offset optimized
  • Triplanar texture mapping for meshes enabled and support added for objects



  • Terminal and showroom entities placed and some deco polishing done
  • Mega station level art updates and tweaks
  • Maintenance hall module updates, missing railings and details added
  • Lights fixed and new ones added in Kingdom’s ship showroom


  • Ship weapons: looks finalized, high poly models created for the fixed mounts


  • Reaper and Arclighter magazines have been updated and both guns’ textures updated with a slot for inserting the magazine
  • Grid slot collision errors fixed
  • Missing SSC icons for grid slots rendered
  • Asteroid rock texture and placement tests underway
  • Entity replacements tests
  • Decoration updates for command center.
  • Decal blending improvements and old decals replaced

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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