Week 47 (18.11. – 22.11.2019)

Here are the progress notes of week 47:


  • New mining backpack tested and configurations adjusted: processing materials now has raw and processed materials in their own slots and conversion rates of the processing have been updated.
  • Mining job halls worked on: issue where players would not receive rewards in certain areas of the hall fixed by making the reward area larger.
  • Group instancing in mining job workstations tested, instancing with groups still has issues.
  • Cargo lock frame electricity consumption design reviewed.
  • Inventory icons for materials configured and fixed.
  • Device configuration improvements:
    • Robot arm joint properties adjusted to better reflect intended use.
    • Robot arm tools reconfigured for better function.
    • Pilot chair stand support added to all turret mounts similar to advanced cradle.
  • Autobolting tested for triangle thrusters, new bolt profiles made for the new triangle thruster bolt points.
  • Economy design worked on:
    • Insurance and debt design.
    • Ship manufacturing and building cost calculations.
    • Ship pricing logic and math for code.
    • Electricity usage for Cargo Lock Beams and – Lock Frames, building electricity costs (3D printing).

 User Interface

  • UI for Ships and Stations reworked to use similar systems.
  • UI created for a Company owned ship.
  • UI for Company ship Access control improved.
  • Company Navigation bar rearranged.

 Spaceship & Station Creators

  • Triangle thruster bolt profile tested in Spaceship Creator:
    • Thrusters bolt together now.
    • Re-bolting triangle thrusters tested on Spatha.
    • Bolt profiles adjusted: Autobolter placed longer bolts for beam connection.
  • Triangle thruster bolt profile now works better with autobolter.
  • Frame integrity calculations updated.



  • Ship pose stability improved when switching between LOD and the actual ship model.
  • Proper client side support for inventory deletion added and fixed.
  • Buying and despawning should now assign ships properly to station inventories.
  • Station inventories are now automatically deleted when they have been empty for at least a minute and the player is not located at corresponding station.
  • Client side (station) inventories set to properly track their ships.
  • Localization added for Durability features.
  • Fixes added for structural collisions of physics actors with origins outside their bounds.
  • Mass flow distribution improved in ship frame integrity calculations.
  • Collision sound effects added for simple collisions.
  • Cargo lock and Tractor beam and Range finder visual and audio effects tweaked.
  • YOLOL field added to Cargo Lock Beam for status.
  • Pipe and cable tool ammo consumption adjusted.

User Interface

  • Functionality added for Company Rank edit page.
  • Problems with writing and locales fixed.

Spaceship Creator

  • Durability Tool’s deselection and error box selection fixed.
  • Several multiplayer connection related issues have been fixed.
  • Several multi-user undo bugs have been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented clients from seeing their bolts has been fixed.
  • Assets with multiple components showing multiple times in the asset browser fixed.
  • All components of multi-part assets should now keep their layers correctly when saving and loading.


  • Texture mapping: texture scale and displacement improved.



  • VIS main hall parenting and decorations polish continues.
  • VIS loading docks worked on.
  • VIS deco: details and decals added to unpolished parts.
  • Tintmask and albedo maps for large wall modules fixed.
  • LOD for station_trading_market_back_alley worked on, basic shape done and details added.
  • Outer LOD for station_trading_market_upper_shops fixed and merged with the inner one.
  • UVs worked on for station_trading_market_upper_shops.


  • Assault rifle weapon design worked on.
  • Torpedo launcher’s redesign work continues.
  • Rocket launcher textures updated to be the same quality as the other weapons.
    • Proper paintjobs were created for the weapon.
  • First-person carry animations updated for multiple weapons.
  • Rocket launcher magazine model fixed to use proper UVs.


  • Pilot chair: snap points added to weapon cradle and versions of fixed mount 2, so that pilot chair’s stand can be placed.
  • Third-person rifle relaxed pose updated.
  • Left hand animations when interacting with levers and buttons while armed implemented.

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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