Week 50 (9.12. – 13.12.2019)

Here are the progress notes of week 50:


  • New test entities added to a cargo beam test map, the beam power consumption tested again.
  • Object rotations in carry mode tested, axis lock threshold adjusted for better user experience.
  • Cargo lock beams power consumption tested, the power consumption levels adjusted for better balance.
  • Cargo lock beams power consumption tested in test environment and with Nautilus cargo ship in real gameplay situation.
  • Four new mining backpack variants created.
  • UI screen issues in asteroid mining job fixed, all the screens are working again.
  • Economy configuration updates: major test adjustment to infantry weapons.
  • Triangle thruster and receiver bolt profiles updated.
  • New shop UI worked on.
  • Material cube bolt positions tested, bolt profiles will be created to improve usability.
  • Density property changes, effects on damage formula and possible updates and improvements to damage calculations.


  • Triangle thruster bolting updated in Ithaca V1, Lictor, Veles, Zilant and Pioneer.



  • Further testing on torpedo guidance made.
  • Inventory issues caused by refactoring fixed: items unintentionally dropping to world, not picking up, stacking on wrong situations and whole bunch of others.
  • Dragging area of station inventory UI is now larger and more intuitive.
  • Ships are now spawnable only from areas that have access to the station inventory they are saved into.
  • Remote LOD ships now have “traditional” thruster sounds.
  • Mass units related debugging and reconfiguring made.
  • Internal handling of material mass and density unified, resolving various display and logic issues.
  • Network and memory relays changed to have enabled flags on both sides of the connection; both must be on to function.
  • Cargo beams sometimes remaining in effect when shut off fixed.
  • Device networks treating nearly depleted batteries as infinite power sources fixed.

User Interface

  • Ship sub pages added to the company tree.
  • ‘Add member’ button in Company Roster now sends company invitation and ‘Join’ button accepts the company invitation.
  • Invitations now close when inventory menu is closed.

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Feature that allows opening a damaged owned ship inside the SSC in the making.
  • Multiplayer issues that occurred when joining a SSC session during edit to test mode change have been fixed.


  • Renderer support added for rendering early and late 3D GUI, render flags added to HUI functions to allow terminals to render early.
  • Early and late GUI support bridging between game and renderer.



  • Collision errors fixed for material cubes at market station
  • VIS skydeck decoration polishes made
  • Storage floor decorations work underway
  • Main hall parenting polishes made


  • Sentinel rifle have been added to the game (with temp textures), rig made and configured to work in-game.
  • SMG Gatling textures updated and paintjobs updated for better combinations.
  • Torpedo Launcher: Some visual tweaks to the Torpedo Launcher, a few details removed.
  • Transition animation made for pickaxe and rifle weapons when entering weapon lowered stance when standing.


  • Skybox stars redesign underway.
  • Material Cubes: All the material cubes now have similar bolting holes like the biggest versions have.
  • The thruster effects optimized by removing unnecessary particles etc.
  • A beam mesh’s incorrect origin position fixed.
  • Asteroid rock designs underway.

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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