Week 6 (February 3rd –  7th)

Here are the progress notes of Week 6:


  • Old tooltips remade with a bigger font, to improve readability.
  • Ship weapons tested against basic materials and ships to get better feel of current material and weapon balance.
  • Company functionality design worked on: co-ownership, disband / owner leaving and general Company controls.
  • Inventory buy limits tested and confirmed, currently settled on 5000.
  • Asteroid spawner rotation offset configurations tweaked to improve the Mining Job experience.
  • Configurations updated: Oninum Armor value adjusted from 5000 to 3500.  Autocannon projectile mass increased from 10 to 11. Laser Cannon projectile mass reduced from 6 to 5. Damage adjustments tested against Onimum, new values feel better.
  • New bolt profiles made for mounted weapon body 2.


  • VIS grid slot: support beams added, collisions fixed, walkways, landing platforms, hallways and take-off docks updated.
  • Skyscrapers worked on: corridor apartment entrance and roof modules updated and new room modules created.


  • Vasama and Twin Vasama re-balanced, some plating had to be removed / relocated.



  • Support added for kill zones that instantly kill players and destroy objects.
  • An assert fixed with the building tool autofill feature.
  • A bug where virtual bridges disappear from components with multiple virtual bridges has been fixed.
  • Custom ships created via SSC are now bought for the intended price instead of obtaining them for free.

User Interface

  • Inventory tabs have been added to Material Sell menu.
  • Bank tab code has been refactored.
  • Filter buttons have been added to sort players and ships.
  • An issue related to too long company names fixed by making the company name be maximum of 24 characters long.


  • First simple approximation of projectile-to-ship context detection for battle music has been implemented.
  • Distance filtering has been added to hostility events, so that fighting far away doesn’t start the battle music.
  • Player distance-to-ship parameter has been added for player-ship association in battle context.


  • Ship collisions with planets have been implemented.
  • A bug where planets would disappear after visiting SSC was fixed.
  • Planet memory usage has been optimized.



  • Asteroid Collection Zone ad design has been made.
  • Asteroid Mining Job sign post and new logo sign pieces have been created.
  • Skyscraper wall level art underway.
  • Skyscraper base module building underway.
  • Elevator hall and salvage shop decoration updates.
  • VIS office module has been updated and some windows added.

Moons and Asteroids

  • Alpha moon terrains have been finished.
  • Updated moon textures are in the making.
  • Procedural object placement for moons has been adjusted.
  • Asteroid rock and material updates.
  • Rock meshes topology fixes have been made.


  • Cargo crate baking and texturing have been made.
  • Universal Projector’s high poly, low poly, UV’s, bakes and materials have been finished.
  • Resource Grid Utility Panel’s assets design modified.
  • Resource Grid Utility Panel & Box’s assets finished, high poly, low poly, UV’s, bakes and materials have been finished
  • Armor sets: Jackal set textures and paint jobs have been polished.
  • Weapon lockers have been updated.
  • Whiplash gun’s hit effect edited and switched.
  • Offset on maneuver thruster’s effect has been edited as the spawn point had been moved.
  • Maneuver thruster on torpedo changed for a smaller on.

Gallery of the week


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