Week 21 (May 18th – 22nd)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 21, hope you enjoy!



  • New instruction terminals added to all Mining Job workstations
    • Issue with the screens being destructible by players was fixed, now all screens are static and indestructible
  • Ship blueprint feature for fixing ships on the go is under design
  • Economy design: plans for in-depth material value overhaul is being worked on
  • Economy configurations made for the newly added stations
  • Resource systems conversion components have been checked on, design for simplified system for inventory integration is being investigated
  • Changes made to the group and company chat notifications design: everyone in group/company now have identical group chat log
  • Furnace design is being worked on


  • New Kingdom outpost station is being worked on
  • Proving Grounds station has been finished and added to the universe
  • Medium Hall 18 added into Lot Designer


  • Modified blueprints created from Spatha, Knight and Wing, without cables and pipes
    • These can be used in the Demolition Job
  • Generator button issue in Remus has been fixed, buttons would not work correctly due to difference in their “OnStateValue”
  • Anubis has been added to the pre-made ship list in Spaceship Designer

Spaceship Designer

  • Updates to the Spaceship Designer Asset browser have been made:
    • New folder called “Hardpoints”: hardpoints are now in this folder
    • Turrets folder is now called “Weapons”: this folder consists of only weapon parts now
    • New machinery sub-folder created, called “Utility”: fixed mounts, turntables, cradles and robot arms now under this folder
    • Generator folder is now called “Power”: battery is now located here
    • Furnace folder has been renamed to “Tools”: Tractor Beam, Utility Body, Utility ammo have been moved to this folder
    • Interactables folder is now called “Controls”: Progress bars, Text Panel, Panel base, FCUs and MFC are now under this folder
    • YOLOL: YOLOL rack parts are now in this folder



  • Gas converter not being detected by the box thruster even when placed properly has been fixed
  • An issue where lamps in lots not being buildable due to material consumption issues has been fixed
  • Thrusters can no longer generate propellant
  • Ship recovery cost now takes ship’s carried material value into account
  • Asteroids now have a larger loading range of 200m (from 12m), a bug where asteroids wouldn’t occasionally load has been fixed
  • Station lots no longer reload when finishing building the blueprint
  • Issue fixed in resource network calculations that caused a part of the network to advance very slowly and seemingly not consume some resources at all
  • Recovering ships that are hosted by a player has been allowed
  • Issue with grab, release and blocked -highlights not showing up when blocked by a LOD model has been fixed
  • Ship chair quick-bind system has been revised to fix an issue with constant resetting

User Interface

  • Item collection tooltips now show the name of the collection if it has been named
  • Warning triangles and flashing error messages have been added to item shop when chosen item cannot be bought
  • Inspect CV window not showing rank insignia of the inspected player has been fixed
  • An issue where company invites were not always showing the Company name has been fixed
  • Received and sent group invites now show up in Social tab group page UI
  • A bug where objects ended up in the world when trying to drag to a slot that doesn’t allow it has been fixed
  • Support added for inclusion of basic hardware statistics in Feedback tool’s reports


  • Movement sound volume adjustment has been fixed
  • Audio feedback for approaching, entering and leaving safe zone and snap mode toggle in grabbing tools has been plugged in
  • Support added for feedback sounds on unsuccessful firing of bolt tool
  • Support added for reloadable tools to indicate shortage of bullets by audio

Spaceship Designer

  • Saving blueprints with an existing name has been prevented
  • Autosave reliability has been improved: autosave must now be manually recovered from the File context menu
  • An issue where using the rotate or move tool could cause the editor to become unresponsive has been fixed
  • An issue where loading a premade ship blueprint and saving the current scene caused nothing to save has been fixed
  • Generated ship LOD models appearing in incorrect rotations and positions has been fixed

Planets and Moons

  • Range finder device not detecting moon surfaces has been fixed
  • Optimizations to improve the moon noisemap baking efficiency are being worked on



  • Pipe Tool rig has been made
  • Reload animation has been made for the Welding Tool (3rd person)
  • Transition animation for activating the Universal Tool during crouch with pickaxe equipped has been made
  • Transition animation made for activating the Universal Tool during crouch with pistol equipped
  • Issues with arms incorrectly holding the pickaxe when in hammer mode or when moving when in prone position have been fixed (3rd person)
  • New emote animations are being worked on


  • Unnecessary geometry with flipped normals has been fixed in station_base_ramp_108x216x216
  • The exterior LODs for Marketplace’s “Back Alley” have been updated
  • The hallways’ farLOD model and texture maps in Empire Spaceship Design Workshop (Large) have been updated
  • Irrelevant warning decals have been removed from various Lot Designer modules, grid slots and decorative objects

Moons and Asteroids

  • Ice material variation for asteroids has been made
  • Two snowy material variations for asteroid rocks have been made


  • Remote explosive, remote detonator and explosive pack assets with preliminary textures have been finished, ready for final texturing and gameplay implementation
  • Asset created for small control panel speaker and small signal baton
  • Lifeline icons have been made

Gallery of the week

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