PC Beta Update (15.06.2020)

Greetings warriors! A new patch update for the Boreal Blade PC Beta is out now on Steam! This update gives beta players access to all maps and unlockables available in the game.

Patch notes:

  • Fixed bleed damage not being tracked
  • Skins and other unlockables can be obtained
  • Healing no longer gives score
  • Game’s name changed to Boreal Blade
  • Teammate parries no longer grant berserk
  • Fixed an issue with player name and health bar location not updating on death
  • Damage grants some score now (0.25 x dmg)

Join us on the official  Boreal Blade Discord server. There you can give feedback to the devs, discuss about the game and look for fellow warriors to battle with. You can also join the Steam Beta through the Discord server!

Battle on!  :crossed_swords::shield: