Week 24 (June 8th – 12th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 24, hope you enjoy!



  • Weapon properties were tested to see which ones aren’t currently used
  • Grabbing tool carry limit bugs have been tested in various situations, these issues have been fixed
  • Configurations to make Assembly Job terminals look identical with Mining Job terminals and the new instruction terminal have been started
  • Building Tool has been tested for repairing damaged objects, both with processed material and ore
  • All infantry weapon damage values have been fixed
  • Economy design: preparations worked on for new crafting values, testing and planning
  • Economy configurations, all prices in economy have been set to static values and outpost configurations have been updated to work better in static values
  • New configurations have been made to most of the items in crafting data, this has major effect on value of some items, like weapons, tools, beams and plates (and some electronics)
  • Auction House sell page, listing logic and selling order has been worked on
  • Designs for more cohesive in-game editor UI’s are underway
  • Removable railgun ammo in Marketplace is now static and properly glued in
  • Collision error threshold was adjusted in one curved plate (curved end 60x60x12), it now fits/snaps inside (curved 108x108x12)


  • Lot Designer hall modules are being remodeled to better fit their designated lot area sizes.
  • New module “Small hall 7” has been added to Lot Designer


  • Ithaca v4: More bolts added to fix durability issues when all doors were open
  • Pioneer: Bolt added to fix a durability issue when both doors were open, radiator added to the ship
  • Vector: Bolts added to fix a durability issue in one propellant container when both doors were open
  • Gofer: Bolts added to the pilot chair, the chair was failing durability when moved on the slider



  • Active input not being disabled when leaving a chair by sitting on another chair has been fixed. This was due to an issue where levers that were being pulled would not center etc.
  • Changing a device field name to nothing now results in it resetting to its default name
  • An issue fixed where lot building holograms appeared on top of built objects, potentially preventing further building due to doorway connection restrictions
  • An issue causing crashes when performing a modulo operation with a divisor of zero has been fixed
  • Grabbing a rail mover not updating its device network connection status has been fixed
  • Server support for player-to-player trading has been finished
  • Players are now set not to accelerate falling after a certain threshold velocity
  • Heavy objects now remain kinematic when hit by an impact sufficient to make them move
  • Durability now includes the mass of Modular Ore Cargo Crate contents (although fails to register its changes in many cases, and the implementation is likely replaced with another approach later)
  • Lots of moving objects colliding should now affect the frame rate less than before
  • Autobolter can now add a bolt on existing, partially bolted attachment plates
  • Some devices can now be assembled without bolts (e.g. boxthruster), some issues related to this still need fixing

User Interface

  • A chat message “Trade Cancelled” now shows up when trade window is closed and no trade happened
  • Trade cancelling happening twice has been fixed
  • Magazine duplication has been fixed in Assembly Job
  • Syncing the rewards now works from leaders to members and vice versa
  • Feedback tool’s screenshot editor has options for tools, including a color picker, slider to adjust line thickness and font size, and various fonts for the text tool

Spaceship/Lot/Interior Designer

  • The interior designer is currently being worked on
  • An issue where clients were not being able to leave while in test mode has been fixed
  • Load autosave temp GUI has been removed from the File menu; Autosaves can be accessed from the load blueprint dialog
  • Selecting modules hidden behind other components has been fixed
  • Input bugs in station designer system box have been fixed
  • Button inputs have been added to naming and renaming blueprints



  • One handed tool run/walk animations (3rd person) have been polished
  • Emote_no2_b.has been finished and emote_facepalm_a is in the making
  • Crouch stop and run stop animations have been polished
  • Midair death animations have been updated


  • Holograms updated in Starting station: All the holograms have been visually tweaked to better match the shape of the station’s beam structure. Exterior hologram decorations added to Command center, Ship Designer Workshop and Spaceship shop. Positions for holograms in the Ore Storage Towers have been updated to prevent offsetting and clipping with the grids, decorations and other physical objects
  • Exterior decorations and LODs for “Small hall 5” have been updated, due to said module not fitting the small LotArea properly
  • LODs added for the updated Spaceship designer work area decorations in Ship Design Workshops
  • Command center’s LOD/farLOD model has been updated
  • Irrelevant barricade tape decals have been removed from numerous modules used in mega station structures


  • Icons updated for Small Gas Container, Medium Gas Container, Large Gas Container and Fuel rod
  • Sparrow armorset’s textures have been added
  • Sharp medium size rocks for ice asteroids have been made
  • Work-in-progress models for medium-sized ice rocks, and ice rock placement tests have been made
  • Ice rock placement tests for ice asteroids ongoing
  • Small changes made to tonemap, resulting in less contrast between dark and bright areas. Bloom values still waiting for modification support
  • Laser rifle’s projectile and muzzle flash have been updated
  • The 10mm bullet hit and projectile effects have been modified
  • Laser turret effects have been updated and the projectile now matches the updated laser rifle effect

Gallery of the week


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