Week 31 (July 27th -31st)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 31:



  • Improved tooltips that show materials and extra information have been worked on
  • The new auto reload feature with Buzzsaw in the Demolition Job has been tested: the scrap attractor mass limit in the Demolition Job has been increased by 5%
  • A new version of the mining backpack has been designed: 6 additional slots, all item slots dynamic, can hold small (one handed) items or medium (two handed) items
  • Armor weigh and density adjustments and tests have been made
  • Spaceships have been modified to be used in the Demolition Job

User Interface

  • The color picking submenu for the Cosmetics Shop UI has been worked on


  • Visibility range of Bolt Profile highlights has been increased
  • Fixed Weapon mount 2 Bolt Profile has been updated: bolts now snap to all positions found in the profile



  • Beams can now be welded together using the Welding Tool. Beams are also welded when fixing them in ship blueprints using the Building Tool

User Interface

  • Correct functionality has been added to the browse/buy/sell view
  • Auction house UI integration to the Auction Client continues
  • Chat messages have been added for “already in a group” / “already invited” situations
  • Invites now get removed if the invited player leaves the game or the invite expires

Spaceship / Lot / Interior Designer

  • Player station tech is being worked on, technical support for player created stations and lots has mostly been added
  • Material tool raycasting now ignores all non-plate and non-beam components
  • Minimum brush size has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.1


Animations and Emotes

  • Animation has been made for aiming at a resource port and when a successful connection can be made (1st person)
  • All 1st person “relaxed” animations are being updated

Stations / Lot Designer

  • Market station exterior holograms have been added
  • Final market station exterior decoration update is underway


  • Plasma turret’s muzzle flash has been modified to be even closer to the handgun version, with bigger side effects etc.
  • Reload effects have been made for Shotgun and Gauss Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher VFX have been updated and smoke trail reduced
  • Assault Rifle VFX have been updated and reload effects have been added
  • Flame Thrower VFX have been updated: stream is more connected, idle effect has been added
  • Wrong offset on side lights on autocannon muzzle flash has been fixed


  • Dreadnought armorset texture polishing is in progress
  • The flickering on the purple ship thruster effect has been fixed

Gallery of the week

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See you next week!🪐