Week 32 (August 3rd -7th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 32:



  • Demolition Job: Pincer shipwreck has been designed and added to the spawn list
  • Demolition Job: the scrap attractors position has been adjusted so collected parts won’t float through the floor
  • Damage model tests and adjustments have been made
  • 14 new ships have been added to the game’s economy configurations
  • Inventory tooltips for items have been improved to include more information
  • Design for Cosmetics Shop UI is underway
  • Design for the ability to change the position and properties of quickbar(s) is underway
  • Design for the ability to create custom advertisement signs in-game has been started

Stations / Lot Designer

  • Robur station has been added for the on-going PVP event

Spaceship Designer

  • New modules for Spaceship Designer are under design
  • Material Tool has been tested and fixes and improvements requested
  • Design for the ability to add decals to spaceships is underway


  • FCU (all models) and MFC now have matching device field names by default



  • Object thickness and hit angle now affect projectile damage
  • Fixes made to scrap detection and deletion system
  • Lifeline warp and stun are disabled upon an Insurance transfer, and locking a Lifeline-bound chair with a Cargo Frame unbinds it
  • Tractor Beam related bugs disabled, needs a refactoring for proper multiplayer support
  • Players standing on ship cargo no longer push the cargo (or the ship)
  • An issue that prevented picking up welded beams has been fixed

User Interface

  • Mining backpack now correctly updates its slots when using a shop
  • Work on adding additional slots to backpack is underway
  • Work on fixing levers not being droppable is underway
  • Company Roster not sending group invites fixed
  • Work on adding Audio support for Resource Bridges is underway


  • Socket tool audio support added
  • Cargo beam and frame audio support added
  • Thruster sound tweaks have been made

Spaceship Designer

  • Some of the bugs in the newly introduced station system have been fixed
  • An issue where buying custom ships created new saves when they weren’t needed has been fixed
  • Item descriptions should now show correctly in Spaceship Designer
  • Paint tool brush visualizer now ignores hidden layers and raycasts hit the paintable parts
  • Parts’ durability is now updated when material type is changed


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on updating all 1st person “relaxed” animations continues
  • 1st person animations polished for: Antigel, Assault rifle, Battle rifle, Gauss rifle, Laser rifle and Rail rifle
  • Emote_chestpound and emote_ayy are in the making

Stations/Lot Designer

  • VIS HQ LOD and farLOD models updated to floors: Sky deck, Office, Office base, Generator room and Loading dock B
  • Marketplace updates: “Observation deck” and “intersection room” LODs have been updated,  LODs have been created for exterior holograms


  • Reload effect has been made for Pistol
  • Rail Rifle: the particle spawn and scale rates adjusted to work better at greater distances and a “shock/pulse” has been added to the weapon
  • Flame Thrower: the particle spawn and scale rates adjusted to work better at greater distances
  • Bolter: new reload added, particle spawn and scale rates updated to work better at greater distances and a “shock/pulse” has been added to the Bolter
  • Long Rifle: reload and shockwave effect added, the distance settings of particles tweaked
  • Mini Gun: reload and shoot exhaust added


  • Moon fogs adjusted to not be so heavy
  • YOLOL chip should no longer clip through the device rack chip reader
  • Dreadnought armor set texture quality polished and paint jobs updated
  • Red Brigand unique armor set coloring adjusted slightly because of the Dreadnought paint job update
  • Juggernaut armor set texture quality update in progress

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐