Week 35 (August 24th -30th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 35:



  • Two versions of Urchin have been added to the Demolition Job
  • Demolition Job rewards have been tested and balanced
  • Refuel terminals have been added to ore towers
  • Radioactive materials and trade design have been worked on

User Interface

  • The foundations of the Advertisement Designer were tasked
  • The finalization of the Ship info page design is in the works


  • Work Hub update:
    • Assembly hall has been removed
    • Hall for the upcoming repair job has been placed
    • Platform for landing and take-off has been added
  • Weapon and Ammunition -terminals’ locations have been adjusted
  • Take-off terminals and instancing areas have been placed to various landing platforms



  • Cargo Beam devices properly update their power consumption and no longer lock onto their own structure
  • Torque deadzone adaptation should now be stable also in ships with multiple FCUs
  • Cables and pipes in ship blueprints can be fixed using Cable/Pipe Tool
    • Cables and pipes layers have been added to blueprint tab in Universal Tool, uncategorized layer has been merged with miscellaneous layer
  • Bolts, cables and pipes should no longer be worth extra credits when in stacks
  • Ammo stack creation now also sets the primary material for the stack instead of leaving it invalid
  • A bug with item collections not being listed in sell terminals has been fixed.

User Interface

  • Density calculation has been fixed.
  • A bug with tooltips values not being initialized, causing UI to sometimes show incorrect values, has been fixed.
  • A bug that allowed moving ores and items too big to fit inventory slots from stations / world to the player inventory has been fixed.


  • Item pickup sound, when picking up items with a shortcut key, has been fixed.

Spaceship Designer

  • Budget window now counts cables and bolts towards the total voxel volume
  • An exception has been added to allow cable sockets to overlap with other objects
  • Ship integrity visualization can now be toggled on/off from the button


Animations and Emotes

  • Aiming at buttons/monitors animations have been improved
  • New pickaxe hacking animations have been worked on
  • Stop animations have been polished

Stations/Lot Designer

  • Work hub level art and holograms have been updated
  • Updated Workhub sign has been added for Demolition Job
  • Missing farLOD from demolish_hall found in the work_hub_station has been re-added
  • Duplicate farLOD pieces found from some grid_slot_scenes have been removed
  • PvP Station colors have been updated: clear team starting points and neutral areas
  • Lighting has been updated in Mass Transit Corner Stop and Mass Transit Side Stop
  • Legacy assets have been removed from station hall small modules and level art checked and fixed
  • Level art in medium and large Spaceship Designer Halls have been updated due to legacy assets being removed


  • Updated inventory icons have been added for: Sentinel Rifle, Tactical Shotgun and Grenade Launcher
  • Empty shell asset has been created for Long Rifle
  • Mining Saw spark texture has been worked on and electrical arc reload effect has been added


  • Updated mining backpack texturing is in progress
  • Mesh and textures have been created for blueprint projector asset

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐