Week 36 (August 31st -September 6th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 36:



  • Design for being able to adjust auto-generated LOD detail in Spaceship Designer has been worked on
  • First version of the Demolition Job has been finalized
  • Repair Job design has been updated
  • Ore Collector has been tested and reconfigured, it can now be found from shops and the Spaceship Designer
  • Material distribution design has been worked on
  • Radiation and scanner design continues
  • Iteration on factory devices is underway:
    • Blueprint projector basic feature testing and design iteration
    • Design review and iteration for robot arm tools
    • Reworking old design for factory printer field devices
  • Design for bolt-less attachment system and joint attachment/detachment feature is in the works
  • Floating and overlapping pieces on Demolition Job ships have been fixed
  • Design for controller support and keybind layout has been worked on


  • New player spaceships and spaceship shops added: Rando 3 and Okim Industries 2
    • Starting station’s layout has been changed accordingly
  • “Hallway End” -modules have been updated: Missing priority snaps added and exterior made to match other hallway modules better.
  • “Hallway ramp” -modules have been added to Lot Designer
  • Work hub direction sign updated to match the new station layout
  • The issue of PvP Station not showing up in the build has been fixed

Spaceships / Spaceship Designer

  • Spaceship Designer:
    • Windows frame 192x36x24 is now in “Windows Frame” folder, the default color has been changed to match with other plates
    • Crafting data has been fixed for Curved window Frame 120x120x24 cm, Window Frame 96x36x24 cm, Window Frame 144x36x24 cm and Window Frame 192x36x24 cm; these plates are no longer considered as windows
    • Socket tool cable/pipe now counts towards Cable limit in Spaceship Designer
  • Spaceships:
    • Ithaca IV: overlap issue in the beam structure has been fixed



  • Automatic scrap deletion inside safe zones has been enabled
  • Durability now considers unbolted parts to belong in a structure (especially in Spaceship Designer editing) if they are connected in-game via two bolt-less connection technologies
  • Mass center calculations of single-entity structures of reasonable size have been fixed
  • Cargo mass locations experiencing semi-random lag, causing especially faster carrier ships to behave oddly, has been fixed
  • Bolting now supports thinner object combinations than before
  • Blueprint projector basic functionality is done
  • Issues with weapons with single-shot magazine not reloading successfully after the first shot have been fixed
  • Remote explosives implementation is underway


  • First iteration of trigger device has been added

Spaceship Designer

  • Save confirmation has been added before resetting or loading a new scene
  • Potential fix for infinite Multi-user System overlap loop bugs has been worked on
  • Overlap debugger rendering only one of the overlapping components has been fixed
  • Action execution speed has been increased for many actions that used to check for overlaps without actually needing to, this used to cause lag spikes especially on large ships
  • Lot blueprint holograms not showing up the first time after a lot is rented and edited has been fixed


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on remote explosive animations continues
  • 3rd person animations for resource port nozzle are in the making


  • Grid slot decorations have been updated due to legacy asset removals
  • 2 animated holograms for the upcoming “Second hand spaceship shop” have been made
  • Holograms for the upcoming “Advertisement Designer” have been categorized
  • FarLOD texture maps of Demolish Hall have been updated
  • Legacy assets have been removed and replaced with proper ones in Command Center
  • Legacy assets have been removed and replaced with proper ones in Small Hallway modules
  • Icons for the following assets have been made
    • Basic and Angled outer plates
    • Rail objects
    • Office chair parts
  • Logo hologram mesh for the upcoming DURΛTΞCH spaceship shop has been added
  • Hologram LODs of Starting station’s red sector have been updated


  • Explosive drill textures have been added
  • Mining Saw sparks have been adjusted by making them more constant in direction along with numerous other tweaks
  • Laser Cutter hit point and effects have been adjusted
  • Mounted AutoCannon shoot and hit has been updated


  • New asteroid belt optimization and configuration is underway
  • Wrong texel density on “Plate Basic 432x432cm” has been fixed

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐