Week 38 (September 14th -September 18th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 38:



  • Infantry combat changes
    • Damage reduction done to torso from other body parts has been reduced to 30% (originally 70%)
    • A headshot multiplier of 1.2x damage has been added
    • Antigel damage has been decreased from 40 to 30
    • Antigel hipfire accuracy has been decreased a bit
  • Following weapons have been re-tuned:
    • Long Rifle
    • Rail Gun
    • Repeater Pistol
  • Ore distribution in the new belt has been fixed: ores are now more locally distributed and Valkite can now be found from the belt
  • New power consumption design for the Ore Collector has been designed, players will be able to adjust the collecting speed
  • Durability system improvements are in the works
  • Design for alloy support in Spaceship Designer material selector is in the works
  • Armor system is being reworked: armor stat system is being completely redesigned


  • Ship Design Workshops’ work areas have been made larger
  • Refuel slots have been added to Starting and Proia stations
  • Fixer’s Coyote has been relocated from Rando 2 to Okim Industries 1
  • Greatmatenate’s 201 Bruiser has been removed from Rando 2, as it’s already in Okim Industries 1
  • New player spaceships added: Merino; Vigo; Port Authority Shuttle; Ironwing; Estoc; The Sky walker and Sparrow IV

Spaceships / Spaceship Designer

  • Global/Local Transform toggle button has been added (Top toolbar)
  • Show spaceship orientation -button has been added (Top toolbar): shows the orientation of the spaceship when it is spawned from a terminal



  • The frame integrity durability view was adjusted to better display the stress of each part
  • Two bugs mostly related to updating thruster blocked-ness were fixed
  • Weld objects which previously appeared as “localization missing” are now hidden in Ship Designer’s scene view window
  • A settings option for using weapons while sitting was made, allowing all actions with a weapon equipped while sitting
  • Station building is being worked on
  • Auction House is being worked on

User Interface

  • Item collections were set to have calculated material information as well
  • Quickbar was set to try and find new similar items from player inventory if the original bound item has been removed
  • Company Job menu is being worked on
  • Tutorial is being worked on


  • Chat window sounds were updated

Spaceship Designer

  • Buttons for scene orientation and transform mode were added
  • Material tool tooltips in Spaceship Designer were adjusted to match inventory ones


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on remote explosive animation continues
  • Work on explosive drill animation continues
  • Rummage animation was made for remote explosive (3rd person)
  • Rummage animation was made for unarmed prone (3rd person)


  • Legacy level art assets have been removed and replaced with proper ones in various station scenes.
  • Various LOD updates based on the legacy asset removal.
  • Additional level art added to Demolition job hall
  • Minor color issues were fixed on various maps


  • Strix armorset texture polishing is in progress


  • Tests for large ice/snow asteroids in the new asteroid belt is underway
  • Asset icons for generator assets, thrusters and furnace parts have been created.
  • Asset icons for the devices in the lamps, navigation, networking, YOLOL and hardpoint categories have been created.

Gallery of the week

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See you next week!🪐