Week 39 (September 21st -September 25th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 39:



  • Player head health has been increased, players are now able to die from headshots
  • Repair Job gameplay improvements have been worked on
  • Mining Job gameplay rework has been finished, mostly to accommodate new tutorial features
  • Armor update design and related math have been finished
  • Asteroid belt design and material configurations have been started for higher progression tiers

User Interface

  • UI and walkthrough features for the Repair Job tutorial have been worked on
  • Improvements have been made to the Demolition Job tutorial experience
  • Quest Tool UI has been reworked to work better with the current tutorial quest implementation
  • New tutorial phases have been added to Mining Job and Repair Job


  • Mining job hall has been updated with new workstation layout and structural changes.
  • Player spaceship shop updated:
    • All player spaceship shops’ Hangar showrooms now have one large and one very large showcase areas. Mediums have been removed.
    • Due to the Hangar showroom update, spaceships “201 Bruiser” and “Nate” have been temporarily removed.
    • The following spaceships have been relocated: “Buffalo”, “Vidar”, Akimbo 1″, “Racer”
  • Okim’s Magnus has been removed
  • Kenetor’s Buffalo, which had disappeared from Rando Spaceship shop due to LOD issues, has now been fixed
  • Missing Refill & Recharge slots have been placed back into Proia station
  • Two Mass Transit stops have been removed from Starting station due to them blocking the walkways of the updated station layout

Spaceships / Spaceship Designer

  • Transparency of windows and glasses in Spaceship Designer has been changed to make them a bit more visible



  • Work on station building continues, auto-building has been optimized
  • Work on Repair Job continues, spawning issue has been fixed and repair checks have been added
  • Ship frame integrity calculation has been reworked
  • Frame integrity display was improved in Spaceship Designer
  • Broken thruster attachments (mainly nozzles) should no longer block their thrusters
  • A short bolt may now sometimes be placed when a longer one would be invalid only due to a gap between the components it reaches

User Interface

  • Chat was updated to unhide a channel when sending message to it


  • A fix was made for flyby audio not triggering with fast projectiles

Spaceship Designer

  • Switching to edit mode while editing a YOLOL chip in test mode should no longer lock up controls
  • Editing YOLOL scripts in Spaceship Designer should no longer lock controls
  • Unsaved changes are now prompted when exiting the game from the menu or using ALT+F4


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on explosive drill animations continues
  • Work on remote explosive animations continues
  • 1st person versions of select emotes are in the making
  • New ADS poses made for rifle and pistol (3rd person)
  • Unarmed rummage animation polished (3rd person)


  • Marketplace’s legacy asset replacement is underway
  • Holograms that indicate which shop monitors sell weapons and which ammunition were added to Ares weapon shop in Marketplace
  • The colors of Asteroid Collection buildings were changed


  • Hit spot for Tractor, Cargo Lock and Rangefinder Beams have been fixed to be more persistent
  • Mining Laser VFX updated (both Hit and Shoot fx)
    • A lot stronger and also more in line with other laser based weapons/tool tech
    • Also resolved some bugs related to a delay on the hit fx themselves


  • Large ice asteroid tests in the new belt are underway
  • Asset icons were added for the following categories: Attachments, Beams, Decorative Plates, Cargo, Controls, Doors, Lamps, Navigation, Networking, YOLOL, Hardpoints, Ship Weapons
  • Inventory icons were created for Tools and Utilities

Gallery of the week

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See you next week!🪐