Week 40 (September 28th -October 2nd)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 40:



  • Ore Collectors adjustable power consumption design has been finished
  • Universal Tool usability improvements regarding ship blueprint have been designed
  • Armor system testing is underway, values have been fixed and tested based on feedback
  • Material design: density values of heaviest ores have been fixed to make them less painful for ships to carry around
  • First phase of transponder re-design has been completed and code tasks were created


  • DURATΞCH Spaceship shop has been added to Starting station
  • Crusader’s “Nate” has been placed back into Okim Industries’ spaceship shop 2
  • Duplicate ships “Vigo”, “Port Authority Shuttle” and “Merino” have been removed from Rando spaceship shop 2 and Okim Industries’ spaceship shop 2
  • New player spaceships have been added:
    • Salamander, Transferens (updated), Consultor, The Martok, Mitersaw, Walter, Chemos Badger-28, Bumble, Worker Ant, Marmot-TNK, Modulus FR, Modulus MN, Modulus, Markolf Typ1, Javelin, Immerius

Spaceships / Spaceship Designer

  • Design for thruster device field automatic naming to match Main Flight Computer in Spaceship Designer was finished
  • Virtual mass for ore crates in Spaceship Designer has been worked on; allows testing how cargo mass would affect spaceship durability and behavior


  • Shipwreck for upcoming Repair Job is under work and being tested



  • Work on station building continues
  • Work on ship-to-ship resource transfer continues
  • Work on Repair Job continues
  • A fix was made for Player velocity to not start immediately decaying after unseating (with mag boots turned off)
  • Sound manager anomalies, related to frequently changing sound sources being handled as a combination, have been reduced
  • Frame integrity now detects chains of poorly connected frame beams, further reducing for example the exploitability of replacing long beams with several short ones
  • A fix was made for angular forces being produced on other objects by thruster exhausts
  • Pushing things with exhausts has been made less stable

User Interface

  • A fix was made for item shop not having savior for preview
  • A fix was made for item sell panel not updating icon
  • A frame for test flight mode tooltip was made and tested in a few places that could be used to open or close it
  • The implementation of dialog for test flight tooltips has been started


  • Bullet impact sound system has been worked on

Spaceship / Station Designer

  • Station part count limit added to Mega Station Designer
  • Station build area limit added to Mega Station Designer
  • Rotating multiple objects in local space now chooses the local space of the latest chosen component


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on remote explosive animations continues
  • Work on 1st person emotes continues
  • New rifle fire animations have been made (3rd person)
  • Rummage animation has been polished (3rd person)


  • Floating holograms have been removed around Work Hub


  • New upcoming armor set “Praetorian”
  • Strix armorset texture quality polished and paintjobs have been updated
  • Adamant armorset texture quality polishing in progress
  • Updated Mining Saw effects by reducing them in size to make them less prominent and dominating over the action
  • Updated Pickaxe Hit VFX to be quicker and the sparks more random
  • Updated the Mounted Laser Hit VFX to be more stronger and intense at the point of impact


  • Large ice asteroid tests are underway
  • A new version of the audio signal device has been made
  • All Ship Designer asset icons should now be finished and assigned

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐