Week 48 (November 23rd – 27th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 48!

Please note that the “Progress Notes” are different from the Starbase Alpha “Patch Notes”. Progress Notes are snippets from the development team and what has been worked on during the previous week, and many of the features might not be present in the current or upcoming builds of the Closed Alpha. Some features, especially in the design portion, can be subject to change as the development continues.



  • Ore distribution throughout the belt has been reworked: more common ore now available and hot spots containing rarer ore have been added
  • Work on factory systems has been continued
    • 3D printer has been added to Interior Designer and shops
    • Initial pre-installed blueprint chip selection has been added to shop
    • Improvements to 3D printer and blueprint chip are being designed, focusing on status information
    • Resource grid utility box power supply design has been adjusted to better support multiple 3D printers

User Interface

  • “Resurrection machine” UI has been designed
  • The layout redesign for the player CV continues
  • The design for a Station Blueprint tab in the Universal Tool has been started
  • Automated building options were designed and added to the Stations UI

Stations and Cities

  • The intersection walkways of various grid slots have been updated, as their railings were colliding with “Vertical Bridge” and “Mass transit stop” modules
  • Overlapping decorative panels have been fixed in “Empire VIS HQ” and “Kingdom VIS HQ”
  • Transponders for player-built stations were designed
  • New city areas are being worked on


  • Lot Designer: module tooltips now show the amount of connection ports found in each module
  • Lot Designer: added a new module category for modules included in the shop blueprint chip selection
  • Spaceship Designer: New 15, 30, 45 degree beams and plates are underway



  • An issue where lots’ built objects disappeared due to a save error has been fixed
  • Stations & lots can’t be saved by people who have no access to them anymore
  • An issue where station blueprints got shifted into wrong positions has been fixed
  • Each built hologram no longer triggers a new save lot operation
  • An issue with building a station blueprint owned by another player has been fixed
  • Resource network connection limitations (with pipes and cables) have been finished
  • Utility box fixes have been implemented
  • Remote explosive devices are no longer turned into debris even though they’re small
  • An issue where 3D Printer got stuck when transferring finished item to station storage has been fixed
  • An issue where idle station terminals spontaneously crashed the game has been fixed

User Interface

  • Inventory weight has been added to player
  • A fix for not being able to pick up parts that are built to station blueprints is in the making
  • A fix for not being able to pick up the Station Foundation Blueprint Projector to inventory is in the making
  • A mass limit has been added to backpacks and the mining backpack’s single slots are now dynamic
  • Automatic building options have been added to Building page on Stations tab
  • Work on enabling items in Auction House UI is underway
  • A fix has been made for priority snapping points shown in Spaceship Designer


  • Experimental mass-based scaling has been added to ship acceleration sounds
  • Support for death music is in the making

In-Game Designers

  • Pivot override has been added for objects that have a custom pivot point to rotate around
  • An issue where Cable Tool was malfunctioning with connecting to snap points has been fixed


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on tripod animations continues
  • Rummage animations (1st person) added to Saw tool, Battle rifle, Revolver, Repeater and Antigel
  • New rock-paper-scissor emote animations available

Stations and Cities

  • Skyscraper interiors are being worked on
  • New hologram designs are being worked on

Weapons and Armor

  • An afterburn effect has been created for basic missiles
  • An afterburn effect has been added to missiles and torpedoes
  • Longer burning Mounted Plasma Hits have been added/worked on
  • Praetorian armor set textures’ paint jobs have been added


  • Fuel Rod’s explosion has been updated and afterburn VFX has been added to it
  • Textures for large asteroids have been updated to more closely resemble the smaller ones
  • “Resurrection machine” model has been finished, texturing, LODs etc. are underway

Gallery of the week


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