At this point in the making of Trine 2 the game has been demoed, tested and frozen too many times to remember.

To get a little view of what it is like to be a game tester here at Frozenbyte, I interviewed one of them briefly.

“The main task of the tester is to simply test the game as comprehensively it is possible. For example here you can see (along with many other things) some visualizations of thief´s grappling hook components and areas, which determine when and where thief can swing using her rope. The main mission is to find issues in the game, report them, and then verify them as fixed.

Testing can be performed either in editor (like in the picture) when it is also possible to edit and mark the tasks, or by playing the game on some platform and trying to spot all the possible issues by observing and the levels with a precise eye”.  Joonas


So basically we have a couple of guys here working really hard in a very small not well ventilated room and they are “Trine 2” make our next game as bug free as possible. Kudos to them.