Now that the official release for Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is only a few days away (August 20th!) and the Early Access period is coming to an end, we thought it’d be a cool idea to take a look at back at the last few months.

For us, this has been a truly great experience. We have learned so much, and we’ve been really happy about the feedback we’ve received from the community. So thank you all for taking part in the Early Access! 🙂 You’ve helped us make this game better, and we feel super excited to finally be able to show you the final game in just a few days. We’ve worked very hard to make the game fun and enjoyable for you, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

SpectatorX from the Steam Community sent us a link to video changelogs he’s made. The videos show complete playthroughs of all the different builds during the Early Access (minus Lost Pages, earlier called “Challenge Levels”), and we think it’s a great way of showing what has changed during these few months. It’s also surely taken quite a bit of work to record all that – so huge thanks for the decication. 🙂

You’ll find videos of the very first and last Early Access builds below. Check out this link for the rest of the videos. You’ll also find the actual changelogs from the video descriptions.

The Early Access version only shows the first levels of the game, so a lot more content will be added in the final release – including new levels, some changes to existing ones too, and naturally all kinds of fixes and tweaks as well. 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed the Early Access as much as we have. 🙂 It’s been an awesome journey!