Frozenbyte Christmas Calendar, Day 18!

It seems that you people are most interested in getting codes for Shadwen. We’ll were are happy to give you a change to get Shadwen game key for GOG. Escape From the Castle update to is included for all PC platforms. Just leave a comment to this blog entry, one lucky winner will get a code. Remember that you can also participate on other channels as we give codes on each one, see instructions.

I bet many of you reading this blog post are already somewhat familiar with the game, but let’s go though the facts again. It took some digging, but eventually I found something else from the archives than screenshots to liven this post up a bit.


Shadwen and Lily

Shadwen is an assassin on a quest to kill the king. At the beginning of her journey she stumbles into a little orphaned girl, Lily, who then starts to follow Shadwen around. How well does babysitting and assassination work together? Will Shadwen resort to violence right in front of Lily’s eyes or does she try to shield her from death. To kill or not to kill – that is your decision.

In the previous Shadwen post I mentioned that there is this neat time-stopping mechanism that lets you to rewind time. This gives you a chance to change your unwanted actions. You can also use the physics to distract, or to destroy the guards. It’s also possible to create traps and other hazards.



We have a lot of blog entries about Shadwen if you’re interested in taking a closer look of the game and the possible play styles. I have never been good in stealth games, so I’m quite glad that the game lets you to choose between killing and sneaking.

How many of you who have already played Shadwen, have been able to do a no-kill-run? I shall lift my hat for you (okay, my beanie at least). 🙂