Frozenbyte Christmas Calendar, Day 17!

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t played Trine 2: Complete Story yet, do not read any further than this paragraph. Instead, leave a comment below, win a game key for Steam, play the game and then get back here to read this day’s Christmas Calendar post. If you have played the game, read the post and leave a comment below for a change to win a copy of the game for a friend. Remember that you can also participate on other social media channels for a greater chance to win, see instructions.

Our image today is more like a metaphor. One week until Christmas and all the gifts and foods are yet to be purchased. It feels like being trapped in a portal device with two of your adventure buddies while being shot at with spells by an evil wannabe queen.


No? Well, okay. I was just trying to explain why I chose an image in which our three heroes are once again in trouble. I mean we should have other kind of art stored somewhere, right? It’s not possible that they’re constantly in trouble, right…? I bet this is Amadeus’ fault, at least if you ask Zoya or Pontius.