Frozenbyte Christmas Caledar, Day 9!

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When we started to make the Christmas Calendar this year we got some feedback from our Splots, they were a bit annoyed that last year there was nothing about them in the calendar. To set this straight we decided to feature Splot twice this year. Previously we had this Day in the Life of Splot post and today we have a picture to remind us that Splots appear in many colors and shapes. Each Splot has their own personality!


Pink Splot comes with a scent of spring
Green Splot is hard to spot on the golf course
You never know when red Splot is blushing
Yellow Splot can’t wait to meet you
Splots come in many hues but mostly blues

Which Splot is your favourite?

Let’s hope that Splots are happy now and there isn’t a coup planned!