It’s December already! Time really flies when you’re having fun, or if you just have a million things to do… anyway let’s go to the point!

We know how much you guys loved our Christmas Calendar last year (or at least the chance to win codes for our games). Unfortunately at the moment the Support team, or make it the whole Frozenbyte company, is super busy with getting Nine Parchments ready. This is why we decided to go with quality over quantity this year, meaning that during December we will have a weekly Yuletide calendar instead. Our version will be a blog post each Friday and yes, you have a chance to win Steam codes for our games! More detailed instructions can be found from here.

And because this is a Monthly Report as well, let’s quickly go through what happened during November here at Frozenbyte: Most of the big stuff was already featured in October’s Monthly Report, like our new logo and the free Expansion to Has-Been Heroes. Beside that we also had a pre-Christmas party with traditional Finnish Christmas food and drinks made by our own Frozenbeer brewery team.

Last, but not the least important thing in November was the Nine Parchments Demo. We are glad to hear that so many of you have enjoyed the demo and are as excited about the launch as we are! 😄

But enough about November, let’s get to main topic of this first Yuletide entry. We were originally planning to do the 24 day calendar and started gathering ideas to that in October. This means that we have a bunch of material we are going to go through in these five posts. We are of course still open for ideas and feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind. It’s quite easy to choose the theme for this first post, theme is obviously Nine Parchments! This time we will be focusing to the art.

Nine Parchments is full of amazing art and our Art team is full of amazing artists. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about how detailed Nine Parchments is, just like our previous games. Here are detailed images from the elemental raptor enemy and the Owl character from Nine Parchments.

Click the pictures for a better view. What kind of characters do you think they are?

Level art is also toned to its peak. Wouldn’t it be great to just jump into the game and take a nap under this lovely flower tree. Just imagine the wind and the soothing movement of the branches. Quite different from the cold breeze we currently have here in Finland.

Click to see the detailed tree bigger!

My personal favorite however are these lamps below which are made by one of our 3D artists. Our CEO was showing them in one student event we held and commented how they are ridiculously detailed compared to the size they appear in the game. Let’s see if you can spot these in-game later? 😃

Collection of lamps to light this dim winter!

Then we have Nine Parchments art which is used in marketing purposes. One of these was just recently shown when we announced the demo for Nintendo Switch. The artist first made this amazing sketch which then eventually turned into amazing art, you can check out the final piece from here. We actually have more to come from her, the next one will be very Finnish. 😉

Journey from sketch to a finished product!

There is still one aspect of Nine Parchments art I want to show you before wrapping up this Yuletide post. The animations! Our animation crew has grown a lot during the last two years. It’s fun how Cornelius shakes his hands after casting a cold ice beam. Remember to keep an eye out for these!

This small raptor wanted to be featured in this post. It might not be as dangerous as the elemental one shown above, but it is still formidable foe even though it has tiny T-Rex paws.

As you might have noticed, our writer Maija started a Nine Parchments info series as well, you can read the first entry from here. Next will be available on Tuesday, so stay tuned! 🙂

If you didn’t catch it yet, we are also attending a Reddit AMA next Monday. Note that it’s on the NintendoSwitch subreddit! Remember to stop by and ask us all the things you want to know about Nine Parchments and about different phases of development.

And do remember to leave a comment for a chance to win Steam codes for our games! 😉