Welcome to the fourth entry of Frozenbyte Yuletide Calendar! 🎅

During December we have already talked about Nine Parchments, Has-Been Heroes and how to become a game designer (with Shadwen pictures). So, what about our Trine heroes, what have they been up to after the release of Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power? They have been busy making cameos to our other games, and Zoya already did a quick visit to the second Yuletide entry. More about the heroes, and also about Astral Academy below!

Whole trio indeed appears in the free expansion we released for the Has-Been Heroes last month. They are the stars in Epic Quest mode which is unlocked after completing the expansion otherwise. Remember to send us a message if you manage to 100% the main game an we’ll add you to the Hall of Heroes. If you also manage to tackle the expansion, we’ll add a star next to your name. Only two people with stars at this point, but hopefully we’ll get some more! 😊

Art of the trio, made for Has-Been Heroes!

Amadeus is probably the busiest of the Trine heroes as he is also starring the Nine Parchments. It’s actually good that he is back in Astral Academy, maybe he finally learns the fireball? 😁

Speaking of that, Astral Academy is probably the most famous location in Trineverse as our heroes have visited it in Trine, Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power and now in Nine Parchments. In first Trine the journey started from the Astral Academy and continued from there.

Well, this is a familiar stargazing telescope. It’s from the first Trine and wait… is that splot in the astral chart?!

In Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power the journey led our heroes back to the Academy. It seems that they did a lot of renovating between these two Trine games. This Academy already reminds a lot of the one seen in the Nine Parchments, hole in the wall and all. Did you notice the similarities while playing or maybe in videos?

I also like how mysterious the academy feels! What do you think of this school of magic?

The heroes at Astral Academy entrance in Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power.

I wonder what Zoya and Pontius have been up to while Amadeus has been on the fireball quest. I bet Zoya has been enjoying some alone-time in the forest ruins we saw in Trine, and perhaps working on her “entrepreneur” career. What about Pontius then? I wonder if he has been on long holiday as the students of academy have to do the sheep rescues at this point. I also bet that Margaret is doing just fine with the triplets and their fireballs.

To compare, picture of the academy from Nine Parchments below!

Same entrance from Nine Parchments

That is about all for today and happy holidays to everyone! Support team will be out of office during common Christmas days. So note that replying might take a few days extra during that time, depending on how much messages we’re getting. However we’ll be back to the action soon!

Splot getting ready for holidays with our post card!

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Before just enjoying holidays below is one more art of our iconic trio! Have a good one! 😊