“You are all disqualified.”
– Professor Butternut


Professor Butternut is the teacher in charge of the class of students hunting for the Nine Parchments. He has not been pleased with all his apprentices rushing off into the wilderness after the missing spells, and plans on remedying all absences with punishing new classes.

Professor Butternut’s Thoughts on Summer Holidays

The students have returned from their dubious little trek to recover the missing spell parchments, which went missing after Anastasia blew up a wall in the library. It was my impression that our young apprentices were not happy to deliver the spells back to my care, and would have rather kept them for themselves.

I have a growing, although perhaps unfounded suspicion that the students might have even been so conniving that they would have attempted to seal the spells to their spellbooks without permission! Luckily the enraged Lich confused them so much, they barely noticed it when I stepped in and gracefully collected the missing parchments from them in one swell swoop.

All of our young troublemakers are now itching to leave the Astral Academy for their summer holidays, but I believe they have missed too many classes to go on holiday just yet, which is why I have devised some new hands-on studies they’ll have to partake in to make up for their absence. I’ll even allow the students to borrow some of the spells from the Astral Library while they attempt to complete their final classes.

(Also Amadeus seems to be loitering about the Academy again, perhaps we should be making some kind of contingency plan in case his mystical powers attract another terrible disaster like the last time.)

Professor Alphonseus Butternut