Greetings, young ones! It warms my old heart to see so many aspiring warriors eager to learn! Today I’m going to teach you more about the natural blocking.

Blocking happens unconsciously in Boreal Blade. That means no more endless block position chains and never-ending block button mashing.

Here you can see a warrior preparing to attack. While searching the right weapon angle for his swing, the enemy attacks. Natural blocking guarantees that the hit gets blocked even though our warrior is not actively doing any blocking by themself.

Natural blocking happens automatically and does not need to be activated separately. Thus, it allows you to attack or perform any other actions you deem fit while blocking.

Did you see what happened? Natural blocking made them block the attack while enabling they to continue preparing an attack of their own!

Natural Blocking will take care of the rest.

Knowing how various weapons and shields are used most effectively is crucial. The more seasoned veterans will learn to keep their eye on enemy actions and reactions – you should do the same. You might discover your opponent’s intentions just by carefully observing their weapon and shield movements and use it to your advantage.

This combatant knows his shield and how to use it! When the enemy attacks them, he leaps forward and lets his shield, and natural blocking take care of the enemy hit. He knows that the straightforward attack has left his enemy’s head vulnerable, and he can hit it with a heavy overhead stroke. Beautiful!

While natural blocking is a useful tool on the battlefield, you should be careful with it.

That was clever, don’t you agree? He used their natural blocking to his advantage. You see, our weapons are concrete objects. It means they can block even when you are not actively using them. It also means, however, that your enemies can hit them to divert your attacks or to make you lose your grip of them even when you are not actively using them. So, watch out!

Natural blocking can be a life-saver. It helps you to defend yourself from enemy attacks even when you’re stunned.

See how the enemy stuns our warrior? He is so slaphappy he almost loses his grip on the sword there. Although he can’t attack, he can move his weapon and perform a block.

Natural blocking allows you to hone your battle strategies and choose your course of action simultaneously while blocking – not long after the block. This means that you can’t force your enemies to defend by merely managing to attack them first.

Look closely! Our warrior is not actually doing anything else than simply moving around to block incoming attacks. Since enemy warriors can’t force them to constantly block with continuous attacks, deadlocks occur rarely, and the flow of the battle is smoother and more exhilarating. He has fair chances to attack themself.

Boreal Blade is out now on Nintendo Switch! You can also download a free demo to try it out. The demo is compatible with full game owners. 

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