Week 44 (28.10. – 01.11.2019)

Here are the progress notes of week 44:


  • Instancing tested on ship spawn locations (docks and landing pads).
  • Grabbing Tool’s throw mechanism tested and tweaked.
  • Mining laser now takes the armor of plates into account when trying to cut through them (strong armor plates take longer to cut through).
  • Economy configuration fixes and updates.
  • Missing locales added to the Ship Creator.
  • New battery modular plugs tested.
  • Configurations that the new updated rechargeable battery asset works with existing ships.
  • Updated battery configured to support modular power plugs.
  • Ship maps updated with new battery configurations.
  • Storage system and universal tool UI: Design completed for basic storage system UI and interaction.
  • General UI: task to unify UI elements across various UIs in the game.
  • Design worked for Company UI Overview, Member settings and Company Settings – General.


  • Design started for the Module Creator – a tool for players to create their own station modules, such as halls, landing platforms and hangars.
  • Metro stops’ ladders and walkways have been updated to match the grid slots’ new walkway intersections.
  • Small asteroid hauling slot has been added to the game.
  • Pillarway renamed as Vertical bridge.
  • Vertical bridge module ready.
  • Walkways updated in every grid slot.

 Spaceship & Station Creators

  • Ship Creator: Setting starting line in one YOLOL chip affects other chips.
  • Ship Creator: YOLOL chips keep running outside of test mode.
  • Ship Creator: Module icons shouldn’t render through objects.
  • Mega Station Creator: Snapping grid slots in 45 degree angles is now possible with the angled corner grid slots.
  • Mega Station Creator: Priority snap points updated for angled corner .grid slots to enable 45 degree snapping.


  • Weapon fixed mount pivot and rotation updated, connector plug positions fixed.
  • Weapon fixed mount rotations fixed/updated in:
    • Kingdom Knight ( laser, autocannon and plasma)
    • Republic wing ( autocannon, laser and unarmed)
    • Wekufe (laser, autocannon + A2 variants)
    • Geist (laser & autocannon variants)
    • Arrowhead
    • Empire fighters (old ships)
    • Succubus
    • Empire Centurio (turrets)
    • Veles (turrets)
    • Test Lictors (turrets)



  • Support added for using player-held tool modes’ bones for tool shoot-effect poses.
  • Editor configs fixed for offsetting player-held tool effects not having any effects.
  • YOLOL chips not saving their saved starting line fixed.
  • Ship despawn areas fixed.
  • An initial UI support added for station inventories.
  • Support added for dynamically calculated impact damage when a player is hit by an object.
  • A rotation issue with seating animation fixed.
  • A rotation syncing issues with remote players fixed.
  • Pushing issue with objects originated from ships fixed.
  • Initial cargo collisions implementation released.
  • Several aspects of multiplayer ungrabbing fixed.
  • The material collection code refactored: material collection prevented if amount requested exceeds remainder on ticket.
  • Support added for processing multiple components as a bunch.
  • New properties added to the mining job collector.
  • Terminals now show the correct sell prices, instead of showing prices without tax.

User interface

  • GUI dropdown updates and fixes.
  • Settings menu has been updated.
  • Option added to hide in-game assert popup without disabling the feature completely.
  • Dragged item showing incorrect slots as available slots fixed.
  • Fixed weapons not shooting when changing teams.
  • Support added for station and lot tiles.
  • DEV CV now has info tiles for stations and lots.
  • Scroll bar now works correctly on Social Tab.
  • Leave group-button now removes the player from the group.
  • Rendering added for team ships, team members and other players in the roster.
  • Search added for ships and +add button to roster members so they can be added to the team.

Spaceship Creator

  • SSC terminals can now be used to host editing sessions. Group members can join ongoing sessions through the terminal.
  • Fixed autobolter not using the bolt types suggested by the autobolting algorithm.
  • Autobolter no longer attempts to place overlapping attachment plates.


  • Motion vectors tested: now reduce ambient occlusion artifacts on dynamic objects
  • Texture mapping fixes and improvements
  • More volumetric fog tests underway



  • Decos updated and many assets polished
  • Roofs have been decorated and rubber pads updated on main walkways
  • Level art updates and polishes


  • Long rifle textures updated with better roughness detail balance and less pattern on the plastic shell.
  • Long rifle paintjobs updated with more optimized shapes for better combinations.
  • Arclighter muzzle flash effect reworked to have better resolution lightnings and other improvements.
  • Arclighter idle, projectile, charge and muzzle flash effects were updated with more standardized blue colors and their light intensity was lowered.
  • Weapon effect updates underway.
  • Rocket Launcher UV’s updated.
  • Arclighter now has 3rd person reload animation.
  • New rifle carry stand idle animation.
  • Tactical shotgun third-person reload animation polish.


  • New rocks for asteroids and rock placement tweaks in the making.
  • New Rechargeable Battery Asset finished.
  • Collision errors with level art and metro grids fixed.
  • New reload animation for cable tool.
  • Bolt, cable and welding tool rigs updated with left hand IK targets.
  • First-person and third-person carry animation tests underway.

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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