Week 46 (11.11. – 15.11.2019)

Here are the progress notes of week 46:


  • Social menu features have been tested.
  • Insignia/medals menu design updated.
  • Tooltip System mockups updated to fit current design.
  • Components and collectors added to Assembly Job furniture hall.
  • New UI mockups for Assembly Job terminals.
  • Building Tool tested in station lots.
  • Destructible station tested.
  • Economy design worked on: Insurance and registry costs, premade and custom ship pricing and economy logic plans with code.
  • Generating LODs for objects tested.
  • Physics and shooting LODs tested.
  • Showroom tech tested.
  • Ships control page for companies reworked: Ship list rearranged and UI cleared up.
  • Popup window in Company general updated.
  • Stations and Ships UI improved: Less scrolling and more room for Access controls and Teams.
  • Company ship requirements design worked on: adding a ship to a company and design registry and name for Company ships.
  • Navigation receiver accuracy problem solved.

 Spaceship & Station Creators

  • Overlap-issue in with the YOLOL socket device investigated and tested.
  • Add to and remove from area selection now works.
  • Asset layer system: objects under hidden + locked categories should be free from selection.
  • Layer-tasks updated: Adjusted alpha level does not take affect unless the corresponding hide layer -button is pressed.



  • Decal snapping fixes made.
  • Pose Extrapolation: some cases fixed and velocity calculation math improved.
  • Objects not sticking to the robot arm grab tool rigidly fixed.
  • It is now possible for design to configure multiple robot arm tools on the same voxel component.
  • Quick net sync for lamps implemented and lamps’ field changes are now previewable in SSC.
  • An item order issue fixed in inventory.
  • Support added partially for ships to be saved in station inventories.
  • Coherence of point snapping poses improved.
  • A new system to handle various player-sourced sound effects is now in development.
  • Players other than the group leader are now able to spawn asteroids when doing the mining job in a group.
  • The handling of effects and sounds have been cleaned up in order to have more effects and sounds.
  • Cable tool and pipe tool now only consume ammo cables and pipes when spawned, the placing of cables/pipes can now be started and cancelled without loss of ammo.

User interface

  • CV updates and fixes, code has been refactored
  • Basic layout rendering for Company Rank edit page added
  • Scroll section added to Company Overview page
  • Team menus and Add member button updated
  • Open Blueprint search functionality implemented

Spaceship Creator

  • Transformation previews no longer use functional devices that caused issues by interacting with their environment.
  • Object highlight system has been refactored.
  • Asset layer system has been reworked.
  • Bugs with SSC window input leaking through when resizing/moving windows have been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the game to sometimes crash in SSC when resizing the game screen has been fixed.


  • Volumetric fog system added.
  • History sampling improved.
  • Numerical stability in SSR improved.



  • Variations on rail textures added.
  • Ship showrooms have been updated.
  • Deco and decal polishes, general parenting and polishing.
  • Pillars are under rework.
  • Collision errors in all big megastations between level art and the bridge fixed.


  • Long rifle muzzle flash updates underway: side flames and more smoke added.
  • The muzzle flash of 12mm weapons polished, used by both battle rifle and revolver.
  • The minigun effect has been modified with some additional particles.
  • A start point effect made for the mining laser.
  • Rocket Launcher: New LOD models for the rocket launcher.
  • 3rd person carry/universal tool idle animations for Flamer.
  • Textures: Adamant, Baseplate and Dreadnought armorset textures were tweaked to be more in line with other sets and sets’ paintjobs were modified to work better with different armor combinations.


  • UI: Created smaller version of the basic thrash can UI icon.
  • Weapon/tool now moves to the side of the view in 1st person when carrying an object or interacting with the universal tool, improving interactability.

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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