Hello everyone! 🪐

We have great news today: we just released a new trailer for Starbase, showcasing the look and features coming to the game in 2020!

The trailer reveals the possibility for players to colonize moons and planets, where small outposts and early trading routes can eventually turn into huge cities with a thriving society. Players can land anywhere with no loading screens, walk around the big cityscapes and interact with other pioneers – explore the new world! Reaching even the closest moon, however, will require a massive joint effort and ingenuity from players. It will be the first major community objective.

Watch the trailer below:

We also published a survey for the community of Starbase. It’s meant to gauge the interest and hardware setups of the playerbase, and you can also leave in your contact details if you’d like to be considered for Starbase Closed Alpha! Check out the survey here

For more information, check out Starbase on Steam. The best way to follow the latest news and to get involved is to join the Starbase Discord -the go-to-place for eventual Alpha access!