Week 4 (January 20th –  24th)

Here are the progress notes of Week 4:


  • Mockup designed for new Assembly Job workstation layout.
  • Assembly Hall reworked, so all the workstations can be identical and fit well.
  • Issue, where mining backpack inventory icons were not visible in game, fixed.
  • Font, text locations, names and other changes made for Player Profile page.
  • Tax related design worked on and new tax values tested.
  • Mining laser statistics and damage adjusted.


  • New starting station Capital Imperial A has been created and added in the universe.
  • Threshold in marketplace hangar module has been lowered, since it caused the player to get stuck.
  • Blueprint terminals have been removed from take off docks.


  • Veles’ armor plating improved and propellant tanks fixed.
  • Beam structure near rear triangle thruster stack on Ithaca v4 reinforced.



  • Ship LODs warping out of place when viewing client warps to a new cell fixed.
  • Camera panning fixes made.
  • Issues with missile thruster propellant consumption fixed and tested.
  • Torque adjustments made and issue fixed with torpedo YOLOL.
  • Rotation and translation by thrust adjusted.
  • Effect-support added on torpedo maneuver thrusters.
  • Ship prices can now be configured.

User Interface

  • Issue with bank’s inventory scrollable items not clipping correctly fixed.
  • A bug where newly created characters were not able to equip weapons fixed.
  • Ores bought to backpack from shop will now be stacked and merged with current ores in the inventory.
  • Material amount bought is now in kilovoxels instead of voxels.
  • Item on the backpack slot is now spawned / removed when the item on the large backpack slot changes.
  • Swapping items via quickbar only unequipping current item on hand fixed.
  • Backpack changes not reacting to swap (item on large slot wouldn’t change on player’s back) fixed.
  • Item Shop code refactored.
  • Message of the Day added to the main menu and infobox added to it.
  • Common function for “Click to edit” input boxes added.


  • Player context tracking improved.
  • Context tracking added for projectile-environment collisions.
  • First iteration of battle logic now works.


  • Depth scaling added to particle emit rate.



  • Hall LODs updated.
  • VIS main hall exterior decoration: windows placed in loading docks and other floors.


  • Proper textures and paintjobs added for the Sentinel rifle.
  • Sentinel rifle now has a 3rd person reload animation.
  • Torpedo trail effects updated and new explosion effect made for the hit.


  • Snapping points and rotations of multiple models fixed.
  • Slanted triangles fixed.
  • Combat shield orientation and position fixed.
  • New 3D stars single object has been made and skybox updated.
  • Cargo crate updated: lid won’t clip with the crate itself anymore.
  • Thruster nozzle textures fixed.
  • Problems with voxel generation in the displays of the modular control asset set fixed.
  • Preliminary HUD icons for transponder states have been made.
  • Rank plates for the drones armor sets made.
  • Asteroid base material adjustments.
  • Sit animations when wielding a weapon/tool are being worked on.
  • Landing animation for pickaxe.
  • Crouched relax in/out animations for rifle and pickaxe polished.
  • Distance scaling to existing weapon effects being implemented.
  • Particle visibility on plasma turrets tests underway.
  • Beam for weaker laser cutting tool updated.

Gallery of the week


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