Week 3 (January 13th –  17th)

Here are the progress notes of Week 3:


  • All the Mining Job UI screens now support localization and dynamic key binds in the instructions.
  • Mining Job tested, issue regarding a delay when grabbing things investigated and improved.
  • Mining Job UI configured and some bugs fixed.
  • Assembly Job visual instructions mock-ups designed, the visual instructions screen in Assembly Job workstation setting tested.
  • Mock-ups made for various station inventory grid arranging solutions.
  • Design for company social features (chat functions and commands) worked on.


  • The stem wall modules and corridor entrance modules adjusted to match the updated apartment grid.


  • A pipe section and a piece of cable that were not connected to spaceships fixed.



  • LODs of perfectly still ships not showing up until they move fixed.
  • Building tool issue solved, already intact/fixed objects would get fixed when using the tool.
  • Fixes to sensors and missile thrusters and YOLOL improvements on torpedoes.
  • Profile deletion reworked to be more reliable.
  • Tool ammo consumption along with Grabbing Tool updated.

User Interface

  • When creating a company the owner now gets the correct rank.
  • Missing scrollbars added to boxes.
  • Name restrictions added to rank creation (max character limit, ranks can’t share same name).
  • A big fixed where failing to join a company caused all other invites to be deleted.


  • Basic station/exploration music logic updated.
  • Battle state detection in the making.

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Tech needed for buying a ship made in the SSC has been worked on.


  • Size depth scaling and scale stop distance added for particles.



  • VIS floor decoration in the making.
  • Elevator shaft decoration in the making.


  • Distance scale settings edited on all weapon hit effects except turrets
  • Bolter’s hit effect reworked and reload effect added and tweaked.
  • Bolter weapon’s effects worked on: muzzle flash updated, hit effect modified, the projectile is now based on the rail cannon projectile.
  • Auto-cannon’s muzzle flash not having audio fixed.
  • Debris particles removed from some hit effects.
  • Bolt Tool now has a 3rd person animation when reloading.
  • New animations: landing with a pickaxe and a rifle along with crouched pickaxe relax in/out transitions.


  • High-poly models made for triangle thruster assets, triangle thruster nozzles updated.
  • Modular control assets for cockpit/control surface use: Bases with different button, switches and screen that be combined in a control surface layouts. 2 different buttons, 2 buttons with safety lids, 1 switch, 5 screens/progress bar bases.
  • A new trim sheet texture in the making to be used with small assets, can also be used to replace some older texture sets in use. Aim is to have trim sheets that are easier to use and expand for needs of future assets.
  • Resource Junction: The twist handle width has been scaled down to 24 cm, as it was not usable in certain configurations.
  • Resource Junction: The twist handle width has been scaled down to 24 cm, as it was not usable in certain configurations.
  • Tools: Bolt Tool textures updated and paintjobs added for the pickaxe.
  • Backpacks: Weapons rack, communications pack, Energy booster pack textures updated and paintjobs added.
  • Asteroid base materials optimized and adjusted.

Gallery of the week


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