Weeks 51-52 (16.12. -27.12.2019)

Hello everyone! These are the last progress notes of 2019 for both week 51 and 52


  • VoxelMaterialTypes configured for material cubes: This will fix misbehavior in some situations like bolting.
  • Bolt profiles added to all of the refined materials and laid out the materials in such a fashion that the profiles are easily updated if needed later on.


  • Collisions caused by the station asset’s pivot point update have been fixed.


  • Overlap issue in Kodiak ship map fixed by increasing collision error threshold for asset.
  • Pincer: YOLOLs that were controlling generator updated to match current electricity consumption of the cargo beams.
  • Pincer: YOLOL and status bar for cargo lock beams. Shows how many beams are connected to the cargo.
  • Veles: YOLOLs modified, railgun only rotates and shoots when enabled from the gunner chair.
  • Turret armors added to Veles and Centurio Frigate.



  • Building Tool autofill feature worked on, current approach is using enlarging sphere to autofill objects.
  • Player movement and collision issues inside moving ships fixed.
  • A bug producing poor up/down directions in the Flight Control Unit fixed.
  • Ore processing fixed not to remove material from processing ore, when processed ore is created for the first time.

User Interface

  • Company names added to show in the invitation list in “Create and Join a Company”-page.
  • “Friend features” worked on: basic friend list rendering added, context menus added for received and sent invites.

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • SSC repair feature development continues: owned ships can now be flown into SSC terminal areas for SSC editing and fixing.
  • SSC repair assist system added: creates an overlapping hologram of the ship’s original blueprint, allowing the user to see which parts are damaged or missing.



  • Exterior decorations worked on for small modules.
  • Collisions fixed in big showroom, market station main hall, small repair grid slots and shop modules.
  • VIS skydeck decorations updated to module map.


  • Assault rifle textures updated: paintjobs updated for better combinations.
  • The projectile and the muzzle flash polished for the Railgun.
  • First iteration of 1st person animations made for Sentinel rifle.
  • Reload animation (1st person) made for the Bolt Tool.

Gallery of the week

No gallery of the week this time, sorry!


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