In Boreal Blade attacking follows the same natural rules that blocking does, which adds a completely new layer of depth and skill to the combat.

In Boreal Blade the attacker has many options to get through a seemingly strong defense. Figuring out how the situation would work in real life will help in executing successful attacks.

For example, if the opponent has their weapon posed on their left side, it is still possible to perform a successful attack to that side of the opponent, as simply having the weapon on the side where the attack is coming from is not a guaranteed block.

Here the warrior negates their opponent’s defence simply by looking down and aiming the attack to their legs! Against a smart warrior like this, the blocking needs to be precise and take into consideration exactly where the attack is coming from.

Looking up and down is not the only trick a warrior can do. In many situations when the attack connects makes all the difference.

Here the warrior attacks twice from the same angle, but by turning himself he is able to transform this attack aimed at the leg to surprisingly hit the head instead!

If these tricks don’t get you through the opponent’s defence, you can use movement to your advantage as well.

Look at that! Our warrior cleverly moves just a little to the side, so that they are able to reach around the defence of their opponent.

Moving on a plane is one thing, but the cleverest warriors are able to use their surroundings to their advantage.

High ground will not be an advantage, if you don’t know how to use it. This warrior knows how to utilise the environment and use it as a tool in the battle.

The most skilled warriors are able to combine all these advantages and become a true champion.

This warrior knows how to use their weapon! By observing their opponent, he is able to go around their blocking attempts with ease using different tricks and tactics!

Boreal Blade is out now on Nintendo Switch! You can also download a free demo to try it out. The demo is compatible with full game owners. 

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