Week 18 (April 27th – 30th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 18:



  • Tooltip popup times adjusted, new item collection tooltips and weapon tooltips tested
  • New mining tech tested with a mining ship with 16 crates: filling the crates, transferring ore to station storage and selling them worked as they should
  • New resource bridge version created: this one does not need power at all and will be used in mega stations with the sell terminals
  • The material sell terminal and resource bridge connection were configured to work with the new station tower design
  • Asteroid Mining Job tested: Rewards configured so players will now get to around 2000-3000 credits per minute, “Material separation bonus” increased from 20% to 50%, with 20% there was no point to spend time on separation
  • Electricity conversion values adjusted to 1:1 with ship weapons, old consumption values adjusted to meet new 1:1 ratio
  • Three new ships added to marketplace and to economy
  • Economy configurations and adjustments, Empire Outpost economy adjusted and trade route trade effectiveness tested


  • Ore storage tower worked on, a place added for the resource port and tower tested in various grid slots


  • Test flights made with new Carrier ship, to see if ship’s durability holds up
  • New ships Tugger, Hauler and Carrier added to the game
  • Colors in decoration plates fixed in Pioneer and Lancer
  • Veles’s decoration plates re-colored
  • Ithaca (variants) interior decoration plate colors updated
  • Wing (3 variants) ship colors updated



  • Support added for saving recently split ship blobs along with the owned ship. Split blobs are included if they are closer than 16m from the owned ship blob and have the same host
  • Logging out now waits for uploads to finish
  • A bug where ships remained invisible if the center of the ship was behind the player has been fixed
  • Work on transforming Socket Tool into a stackable item that can be used is underway
  • Merging/autobolting has been added to coolant cells with recharge rack

User Interface

  • An issue where ore tooltips wouldn’t work in crate slots has been fixed
  • Rank icons have been updated to the new standard ones
  • A bug where rank allowed empty names and didnt’t reset the names correctly has been fixed
  • Feedback Tool now has a higher power level than other menus, and can be opened everywhere


  • Support has been added for ship flyby sounds
  • Some sound events being unsyncable have been fixed
  • Lot rental success status reporting has been fixed
  • UI sounds have been added to lot rental panels
  • Sounds have been added to Settings menu

Spaceship Designer

  • Owned ship modification inside Spaceship Designer is being worked on
  • Many previously accessible developer features have been hidden from regular users
  • Asset browser rendering tooltips has been fixed for culled objects



  • The Sunny Ship animation has been updated and new ad concepts are in the making
  • Reload, hip fire and ADS fire animation polish finished for Gauss rifle, Long rifle, Repeater, Revolver and Pistol
  • Revolver reload’s wrongly positioned left hand’s animation (1st person) has been fixed
  • Blend time tweaks made for Universal Tool’s, carry, lever, UI hover related animations (1st person)
  • Multiple animations have been finished (idle heavy carry crouch aim, clapping/coughing/sulking emotes)
  • Midair death and run stop animations are in the making

Moons and Asteroids

  • Asteroid cluster placement (positions and rotations) have been updated
  • Icy rocks and/or icicles modelling in underway
  • Material tests on asteroids are underway
  • Rock density has been reduced on flat areas
  • New large/extra large Ridge rocks have been made


  • Sparrow armor set finalization is underway
  • The item storage filter icons have been updated
  • Armor set icons have been scaled to 200% for better in-game quality when rendered
  • Polishing and finalizing exterior on mediums is underway
  • Large hall LODs are in the making

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐