Week 19 (May 4th – 8th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 19:



  • Assembly Job and Mining Job rewards adjusted back up to 5000-6000 credits per minute, so getting a proper mining ship will not be too tedious
  • New mining ships tested in the asteroid belt, The Hauler seems to be the best choice for the first mining ship
  • Asteroid Mining Job reward issue, where players standing close to the instancing area would also receive credits, was fixed
  • Collision issues were fixed in ship market map
  • Stations now turn their ore stocks into refined ore correctly
  • Potential improvements to YOLOL parsing logic are being investigated
  • Customization UI design continues, edits to the inventory of equipment tab were made
  • YOLOL updates were made to the buses, they now slow down earlier and landing-mode activates faster
  • Socket Tool tooltip description now has binds which update automatically if changed


  • Lot Designer modules have been updated: New hall modules have been added (Large 8-9 and Medium 14-16), irrelevant warning decals have been removed and new modules had rubber pads on the floors, which have now been replaced with decals in order to keep the floors flat
  • Large Spaceship Shop’s floors have been updated: Red areas now mark the location of each ship
  • Holes found in each of the large spaceship shops’ exterior structure have been blocked
  • Take-off docks pointing “downwards” have been removed in Spaceship Shop (Large)
  • Ore storage tower base structure has been built. Level art and LODs pending
  • Capital Imperial A’s housing slots have been updated: All the areas that have no gameplay yet have been replaced with temporary “empty slots”, which are old housing slots without LotAreas or LotTerminals, the remaining 72 rental lots (36 small, 25 medium and 11 large) can be found at the tip of the station’s “wings”


  • Twin Vasama & Vasama: Couple decoration plate colors updated, related to recent decoration base material/color change



  • An issue where spotlight lamps wouldn’t work after saving map in editor has been fixed
  • Device crash in ship showroom has been fixed
  • The lot doorway connection code has been refactored
  • Melee tools’ collision check skipping player collision has been fixed
  • Inventory support for resources is in the making
  • Magnetic boots have been set to remember their last state between game sessions
  • Despawn issues of ships inside ship factory have been fixed
  • Some small inventory issues have been fixed
  • Implementation for dropping items while moving is underway
  • Grabbing/ungrabbing poses while moving have been fixed
  • Tractor beam’s syncing has been fixed
  • Cargo lock netsync and multi master problems have been resolved
  • Cargo frame’s wall model being offset when ship is spawned in has been fixed
  • Changes to Socket Tool implementation have been finished
  • Autobolting issue with devices on client’s end is underway
  • Sliders for grabbing rotation sensitivity have been added

User Interface

  • Personal window system has been refactored
  • Company rank rights which aren’t implemented yet have been disabled
  • An issue where player couldn’t move refined ores to cargo crates has been fixed
  • Rank edit page has been tweaked
  • Resource Bridge – Resource Bridge connection not disconnecting when the bridges are too far apart has been fixed
  • Chat rights are now clickable in Company rank rights
  • Dragging ore from crate slots when Resource Bridge connection is lost now ends the dragging and returns the ore back to the ship inventory
  • Groups now disband when the player is the last member in the group and there are no pending invites
  • More chat messages have been added, such as ‘Company name unavailable’.
  • Feedback Tool’s screenshot preview functionality has been improved


  • A limit for total volume per looped sound type has been added
  • Spaceship Designer’s button sounds (save, remove, undo, redo) have been plugged in
  • Support has been added for Spaceship Designer’s slider sounds

Spaceship Designer

  • Asserts that occurred with large maps have been fixed
  • Crashing when saving an empty scene in ship designer has been fixed.
  • Entering the ship designer with an owned ship has been disabled until the feature has been fully implemented and tested



  • The amount of movement animations (run/walk/crouch) has been reduced to a few core ones
  • Long rifle ADS fire and reload animations have been polished (1st person)
  • Laser rifle reload and fire animations have been polished (1st person)
  • New emotes have been made (ponder2, poke_aim_up, poke_aim_down) and some have been configured (wave2, poke)
  • Run stop animations (both rifle and unarmed) have been polished


  • Station hall modules now have flat floors
  • Station halls have been updated and LODs completed
  • LODs and texture maps of mega_station_modules_metro_stop_side_1 have been updated
  • Ship showroom has been updated with red highlights under the ships
  • The exterior decoration for “market_station_upper_shop” module has been finalized


  • New Pipe Tool has been finished and is waiting for texturing
  • New Badges for some Empire divisions and military groups
  • Parts that will be animated inside editor for in-game ads of shops have been assembled in editor
  • Sparrow full set low poly model is ready to be textured
  • Vanguard armor set’s texture and paint job quality polished
  • Inventory icons for electricity network resource and armor sets have been made
  • Moon rocks have been fixed and moon terrain textures have been updated
  • Materials updated for rocky asteroids, now 4 materials instead of 2 are in use
  • Minor color issues have been fixed and layers in various maps have been updated

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐