Week 20 (May 11th – 15th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 20, hope you enjoy!



  • Mining job rewards have been increased by 50%, also outer materials will get higher rewards from the Collecting Area and inner materials will get higher rewards from the small Collector
  • The mining job collectors effective area has been increased: ore nuggets are now collected more efficiently from the workstation area
  • Spawn area markings added to Asteroid Mining Job workshops where asteroids spawns; this helps in multiplayer to identify area where players should not stand when spawning new asteroids
  • Modular Ore Cargo Crate inventory slot size was changed from 1×1 to 2×2, it can now be placed only to large slots
  • New instructions screen were added to Mining Job and the lua files have been configured
  • Economy configurations made for stations turning ore into refined materials
  • Empire Outpost trade value was adjusted: some ores are now less valuable
  • Two new armor sets were added to the economy
  • Design worked on for recovery/towing feature improvements
  • Design for device connection (plug/cable/pipe) highlights were updated: Universal tool designs have been updated, combining them with new Spaceship Designer design
  • Design for company tax system worked on
  • Trade window design for ships is underway
  • Notification improvements worked on for group, company and friend requests
  • Different trading options have been worked on (player-player, player-company and public trading/auctions)
  • Socket tool (Socket accidental removal issues): Sockets can’t be no longer collected, if there is cable, pipe or device (hybrid button etc.) connected to the socket; Also bolted socket can’t be collected


  • Lot Designer’s Asset Browser has been updated: Folder and module names have been changed to be more easy to understand, Small hall modules have been added to the “Halls” folder, Everything is now in size- and type-based order; Bug in the alphabetical order code has been fixed
  • “Small hall 7” has been changed into “Medium Hall 17”


  • Spaceship modules and tutorial ship updated: Propellant tank supports have now pipe ports open by default
  • Hauler, Carrier and Tugger have been added to the list of premade ships in Spaceship Designer
  • Anubis has been reworked with new cockpit, durability fixes and new panels



  • An issue where building lamps was not possible in lots has been fixed. Lamps also now light the environment as designed
  • Device fields disappearing from the Universal tool if their names are set to nothing has been fixed
  • Welding Tool is now being able to build unbuildable holograms in lots
  • Lot building progress is now module-by-module in lots, starting from the lot doorway: i.e. modules not connected to a doorway through a module with a complete framework cannot be built until a connection is established
  • MFC IDs should no longer run out
  • Despawning a ship with active thrusters no longer produces an exhausts related assert
  • Durability testing colors have been improved, including yellow highlight for otherwise valid beams that are not parts of an existing frame
  • Durability has been modified to accept beam connections in 15-degree steps when considering validity for the frame
  • Small errors in ship prices shown to client have been fixed
  • Container code has been updated (a typo caused ores to get lost in some specific situations)
  • An issue where LODs were not showing for specific derelict ships has been fixed
  • Ship recovery feature is underway
  • Ships can no longer be collected when they are bolted to an asteroid
  • Sockets can no longer be removed if they are attached to pipes, cables, buttons, or if something is bolted to it
  • Newly built missiles should now lock properly

User Interface

  • Resource bridge getting stuck when despawning the ship while connected has been fixed
  • Mouse hovering not working in mining backpack UI when scrolling has been fixed
  • An issue with cargo crates being “inside” cargo crates has been fixed
  • Issues with adding Cargo crates to station storage and dropping them out from it (with and without ore) have been fixed
  • Crate slots not working correctly when scrolling the UI has been fixed.
  • Ore crate becoming unusable if an ore crate is disconnected while ore is being dragged has been fixed
  • A more convenient way for developers to read bug reports from the Feedback tool is being implemented


  • Audio support has been added to Cable Tool and Pipe Tool
  • Spaceship Designer’s object manipulation sounds and button release sounds have been plugged in
  • Support has been added for Spaceship Designer’s asset browser search field and visibility/lock buttons
  • Music system is now prevented from entering battle state when ship received damage from a player inside

Spaceship Designer

  • “Exit without saving” button has been added to the File menu
  • Pressing “File” / “New” now autosaves to a blueprint before resetting the scene
  • Pressing “File” / “Save Blueprint and Buy Custom Ship” will now properly save, buy and exit instead of just saving on the first attempt
  • Saving and save prompts are now prevented when nothing has changed in the scene since the last save
  • Player movement bounds have been added. If the player reaches the 50 km movement bounds border they get a message that recommends turning back
  • Better placeholder stringification of timestamps added to blueprints in the object browser
  • Unnecessary lot designer error spam has been reduced
  • Assert on failed action redo has been fixed
  • An issue where open scene parameters reset on test mode visit has been fixed
  • MUUS memory usage on actions that get sent over network has been optimized
  • Spaceship Designer now uses 64 bit floats for transformation operations
  • Color settings have been added for My Selection and other selection highlights
  • Default options not reloading if the user has an options file from a future build has been fixed
  • An issue where modules were not sorted correctly in lot editor has been fixed
  • Custom color index feature has been added to menu label pairs in SpaceTooltip
  • Colorisation has been added to the paint info tooltip text based on paint usage level
  • Tool switch has been added to SSCPlacement when an object is picked and paint tool is active, resetting active tool to select-tool

Planets and Moons

  • Player surface movement glitching on steep moon hills has been fixed
  • Assert in editor has been fixed when warping to a moon that isn’t the first one due to mismanagement on shared terrain object collision generation tasks



  • New animation has been made for unarmed stand idle: all related animations have been updated to match the new pose (emotes, transitions etc.)
  • Emote_cough has been polished, emote_thumbs2 up down aim animations have been finished and configured
  • Run stop animations (rifle) have been polished


  • Final exterior decoration updates done for medium-sized hall modules
  • Work hub assembly hall decoration updated
  • Various decorative station assets with broken automated LODs have been manually fixed


  • UI: material icons updated to 2x size
  • UI: inventory category icons updated to 2x size
  • Level of detail (LOD) models have been created for the player drone base model
  • LOD optimization for moon rocks is in the making
  • Some moon related bugs have been fixed
  • Two new colored armorset combinations have been added to shops (Wedge and Trooper)
  • Snow material has undergone some fixes and ice material has been created
  • Parts for Starsol and Seneschal visuals in-game ad concepts are in the making

Gallery of the week



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