We’ve had a successful Early Access launch! To celebrate this we’ve decided to release the first content update in advance, and it’s now available ๐Ÿ™‚

It includes a new Challenge Level for Zoya called โ€œA Brush with Death” !

Here’s a couple of new screenshots from the level:

Zoya_2nd_Challenge_01ย Zoya_2nd_Challenge_02


Content Updates

* A new Challenge Level โ€œA Brush with Deathโ€ (Zoya)


* Added some optimizations

* Fixed crash issues when using RESUME GAME

* Fixed crash issues right after loading screen

* Fixed crash in “Amusement Park” level

* Fixed few other rare crash issues


* Fixed some graphical popping (unfortunately doesn’t fix the major flickering issues)


* Tweaked player walljump logic

* Tweaked Thief bow shooting logic

* Tweaked Wizard levitation logic


* Added more gameplay items into “Amusement Park” level

* Fixed lots of gameplay issues in all levels


* Tweaked and polished various in-game cutscenes (animations etc.)


* Added lots of new audio effects to various levels and gameplay elements


* Fixed cursor in configure controls menu

* Tweaked character info HUD fade out logic

Online multiplayer

* Added text chat support (key bind: T)

* Added work around to missing audio (Voice Chat is disabled by default) (please delete file: %appdata%/Trine3/options.txt)

* Fixed some Thief grappling hook net sync issues

* Fixed some AI net sync issues

* Fixed some Wallbuster boss net sync issues


* When reporting bugs, please always state game’s version number and build number. Check the version number from the game’s main menu.

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and suggestions so far, keep it coming ๐Ÿ™‚