Week 7 (February 10th –  14th)

Here are the progress notes of Week 7:


  • Shop search bars should be deactivated if the player looks outside of the screen.
  • Small changes to tooltips, moving text and testing possible layout changes.
  • Material armor value updates: Now medium-high caliber infantry weapons cause damage to objects faster.
  • Shotgun projectile mass increased to make it little more effective against light armors.
  • Economy configurations for the Empire Outpost station.
  • General design worked on for significant updates to equipment and storage UIs.
  • Small adjustments made to the Utility Panel technical design to simplify components required.

 Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Issue where Autobolt “Apply to selection” mode leaves some plates unbolted fixed.



  • Support added for showing locations in the universe in the main menu.
  • Ship thruster exhausts damage and push components & players have been added.
  • Bounds & selection related issues in autobolting have been fixed.
  • Bolting of a moving target has been fixed.
  • Support added for ammo stacking.
  • New bolt indicators have been added to the Bolt Tool.

User Interface

  • Player invitations are now case sensitive.
  • The maximum amount of Company ranks is now 50.


  • A check added for player shooting inside a ship (to filter out incorrect battle detection).
  • A bug where battle music was triggered inside safe zones has been fixed.
  • Interactable buttons’ audio issues have been fixed.

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Station tech refactoring changes have been merged into the main codebase. Most systems now support player stations.
  • Multiplayer issues in mining job have been fixed.
  • Custom ships now automatically spawn to the world after buying them instead of being put in the inventory.



  • Holograms in multiple areas has been finished.
  • Skyscraper walls have been finished.
  • Decoration for skyscraper elevator chutes, pillars and floors have been finished.
  • Assembly Job/Spaceship Factory/Spaceship Shop/Asteroid Collection ads have been created.
  • Mining Job ad has been updated.
  • Rotation support has been added to signs and signs no longer cast shadow.
  • VIS office floor LOD updated.

Moons and Asteroids

  • Moon rock material has been updated.
  • Material for rough asteroid rocks made and tested on different sizes of rocks.
  • Large and medium size rock topology fixes have been made.
  • Texture scales for solid planet asteroids have been updated.
  • The most of the asteroid surface object settings have been added and tweaked.


  • Several transition animations have been made for entering/exiting “weapon lowered” and universal tool stances.
  • New emotes have been added, animations’ hand lengths modified.
  • Animations for landing during movement have been polished.
  • The skybox has been updated and made slightly less brighter.
  • Cargo crate textures and tintmasks have been updated.
  • UI: Item storage filter icons: 6 categories with 4 states. Used to filter out and hide items when browsing item storages.
  • UI: An additional icon to the category filter set to represent misc and semi-built asset combinations in inventory has been added.
  • Resource Port asset: concept and preliminary model are done.

Gallery of the week


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