Week 8 (February 17th –  21st)

Here are the progress notes of Week 8:


  • Inventory testing, trying to reproduce issues regarding the drag and drop feature
  • Thruster exhaust damage areas configured and tested
  • Maneuver thrusters exhaust damage configured to ignore players
  • Electricity usage calculations worked on for refining raw ores
  • Economy configurations and insurance/terminals fixed in a mega station
  • Detailed designs worked on for updated equipment UI elements and interactions
  • Inventory icons added for objects: all objects in the shops now have icons
  • Design for company ownership functions (ships and bank accounts) worked on

 Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • A fix regarding turrets starting to move by themselves after being detached tested and verified
  • More bolts added to Wing to fix an issue where the ship loses Ship warp class and gets a loose plating after opening hatch



  • An issue where tractor beam model wasn’t showing until it grabbed something has been fixed
  • Tractor beam doesn’t target objects carried by the player anymore
  • The planet kill zone re-killing players who use insurance after dying in the zone has been fixed
  • Net pose extrapolation reliability has been improved in cases where the host’s framerate varies greatly
  • Various fixes made related to cargo held by Cargo Beams
  • Autobolter support added for existing attachment plates
  • An issue fixed where ammo stacks appeared only after second component was collected
  • Snapping works now with Cable and Pipe tools in a moving ship

User Interface

  • Promote and demote toggle functionality to Company Ranks is in the making
  • Everyone can now invite people to groups and not only the group leaders
  • An issue where social tab remove button was not removing group members fixed
  • Company news are now sorted so that the most recent is on top


  • Added button press/release audio support that works as intended with different interactions

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Localization support for the remaining mission and directory names has been added
  • A bug that allowed certain parts to be placed in overlapping positions has been fixed
  • Autobolter tool crashing when applied to certain maps has been fixed
  • Issues with ship spawning locations and rotations with SSC terminal have been fixed



  • New lights have been placed and lighting updated
  • Storage floor LOD has been finished
  • Station farlods and hall modules have been updated
  • Farlods have been added for all shop modules
  • Market station interior ads for the shops in the making
  • Window LODs have been updated
  • Advertisement assets: Assets for Ares Weapons ad underway

Moons and Asteroids

  • LOD generation distance setting tests for small and medium asteroid rocks underway
  • Some tweaks have been made to rock placements
  • Moon rocks have been optimized and XL rocks for alpha moons are in the making


  • New weapon/tool lockers for spaceships in the making, older models have been updated
  • Resource Port: Asset finished, high poly, low poly and materials done.
  • Inventory icons have been made for loose cable and loose pipe items.
  • Modular Ore Cargo Crate: Asset finished, concept and preliminary model are done as well as high poly, low poly and materials
  • Armorsets: Pathfinder set textures and paintjobs have been polished
  • Tests on how to improve the feel of flying animations have been made

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐