Week 9 (February 24th –  28th)

Hi everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 9:


  • Hauling Hall instances fixed: they now support group instancing.
  • Ship ownership menu for companies reworked: filters improved and new lists made.
  • Economy configs worked on for virtual manufacturing: calculations for different kinds of resource crafting data.
  • UI design worked on for Station storage.
  • Component configuration and testing for utility connection devices.


  • SafeZoneDespawnAreaEntities’ dimensions have been updated.
  • Spaceship Factory is now called Spaceship Design Workshop.
  • Grid slots now have their locale names added into the Mega Station Designer.
  • “Work Hub” grid slot now has its base structure done, level art and LODs pending.
  • Hall base has been made for the upcoming “ship demolition” job.
  • Trading hall modules have been removed from Station Designer, leaving only empty halls and hallways for purchase.
  • Priority snap issues caused by the previous station asset rotation update have been fixed.
  • Elevators have been removed from stations.


  • Gofer variant worked on for a mining upgrade.
  • Spaceship sell values adjusted.



  • Tractor beam snapping issues and cable tool fixes made.
  • Inventory server issue fixes made.
  • An issue where grabbing was not working in third person if no tool was equipped has been fixed.
  • Grabbing doesn’t allow dropping objects on top of players anymore.
  • Disconnection has been added to beam effect when too far away or when player takes off the mining backpack. Offset and scale added too for putting the beam in the right direction.

User Interface

  • Item dragging now works with the Station Storage.


  • Multi-position audio system refactored for distance and priority tracking.

Spaceship Designer

  • Entity warping issues in Spaceship Designer have been fixed.
  • Developer saving features have been fixed.
  • Rare multi-user undo system issue that caused Spaceship Designer to freeze indefinitely has been fixed.
  • UI layout loading being registered as an undoable action has been fixed.
  • Interior creator access has been removed from the station creator.
  • Cable placing getting stuck mid-air if object is removed/moved after first placement has been fixed.
  • Asteroids can no longer be spawned if a player is standing within the spawn area.
  • Despawn button has been added to Spaceship Designer terminals.
  • Station creation selection choosing all pieces from behind of what’s being pointed at has been fixed.
  • Spaceship Designer cable/pipe tool now uses the same visualization as in-game one.
  • Multiple ships should no longer be able to be bought in a single Spaceship Designer Terminal session.



  • Mega Station level art has been updated.
  • Issue with decal bleeding fixed on the floor, elevator and pillar skyscraper pieces.
  • Lighting tweaks and optimizations to stations underway.
  • Spaceship Design Workshop’s farlods have been updated.
  • Models have been updated with voxel collision fixes and LOD updates.

Moons and Asteroids

  • Large rocks, large cluster and large flat updated.
  • Rock collisions have been implemented and tested.
  • Asteroid fog belt tests underway.
  • New variations of large asteroid rocks and rock formations have been created.
  • Asteroid cluster concept work is in the making.


  • New animated signs have been created.
  • A new window version of basic plates has been made.
  • Cargo crates: Roughness maps fixed to match better between the crate assets.
  • Resource Port Hose Nozzle: Design, high poly, low poly, UV’s and bakes finished.
  • UI: Inventory icon for the saw has been created.
  • New rig and basic 1st person animations made for Saw Tool.
  • Jump animations are being worked on.
  • Aim animations have been fixed.

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐